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2022 Item by Item Results for GRADE 06 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 81     Participation Rate = 99%

16.RP.A.3Use the unit rate from a table to solve a real-world problem involving ratios.
26.G.A.3Graph a quadrilateral given the coordinates of the vertices.
36.RP.A.1Determine which part/part or part/whole ratios represent a given real-world situation.
46.SP.B.5Given a dot plot representing a real-world context, answer questions related to measures of center and distribution of the data.
56.NS.C.6Identify two ordered pairs represented on a coordinate plane.
66.EE.B.8Identify the inequality that represents a constraint within a real-world context.
76.G.A.1Find the area of a figure by decomposing it into triangles and rectangles.
86.EE.A.1Evaluate a numerical expression with exponents, using order of operations.
96.RP.A.2Determine unit rates in a real-world situation.
106.EE.B.6Determine which mathematical expression can be used to represent a given situation with a real-world context.
116.NS.C.6Determine which numbers are on opposite sides of zero on a number line.
126.EE.C.9Given the value of one variable, determine the value of another variable by analyzing the relationship of data shown on a coordinate plane.
136.RP.A.1Determine which statement describes a given ratio relationship in a real-world context.
146.EE.A.2Write expressions using substitution and use the expressions to solve real-world problems.
156.NS.B.3Determine whether the given division equations involving multi-digit decimals are correct or not correct.
166.NS.A.1Solve a word problem with real-world context using division of mixed numbers by mixed numbers.
176.RP.A.3Use ratio reasoning to convert between customary and metric measurement units in a real-world context.
186.NS.C.7Order absolute value expressions from least to greatest value.
196.SP.A.3Recognize measures of center for a real-world situation.
206.G.A.4Use the net of a rectangular prism to find its surface area.
216.NS.C.7Find the absolute value of a number.
226.RP.A.3Solve a ratio problem using conversion of units within a measurement system.
236.RP.A.2Determine the unit cost in a real-world situation.
246.SP.A.2Determine the mean and the mode of a given data set.
256.RP.A.1Given descriptions of real-world situations, determine whether the situations can be represented by part/part or part/whole ratios.
266.G.A.2Solve a real-world problem involving volumes of right rectangular prisms.
276.NS.B.2Determine the quotient of a four-digit dividend and a two-digit divisor.
286.EE.B.7Determine the correct equation to model a real-world scenario, and use that equation to solve a real-world problem.
296.SP.A.1Determine which questions are statistical questions.
306.SP.B.4Identify the box plot that represents a set of data.
316.EE.A.1Represent the value of a given number as an expression with a whole-number exponent.
326.G.A.1Find the area of a composite figure.
336.EE.A.2Identify the parts of a mathematical expression and evaluate the expression for a specific value.
346.RP.A.3Solve a unit rate problem based on a given real-world context.
356.NS.B.4Use the greatest common factor and least common multiple to solve a real-world problem.
366.RP.A.3Use rate reasoning to solve a real-world problem involving fractions.
376.EE.B.5Given a real-world context, find the possible values of the variable in an inequality.
386.EE.A.3Use the properties of operations to factor an expression into an equivalent expression.
396.EE.A.4Given an expression, select an equivalent expression.
406.EE.A.4Determine which expression is equivalent to a given expression.

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