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2022 Item by Item Results for GRADE 03 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 79     Participation Rate = 99%

13.MD.A.2Interpret a measurement, in increments of 25, from a diagram of a metric scale.
23.OA.A.2Determine which word problem can be solved using a given division equation.
33.MD.B.4Create a line plot from a given set of data.
43.NBT.A.1Round three-digit whole numbers to the nearest hundred.
53.NF.A.2Plot points to show the location of fractions on a given partitioned number line and give instructions on how to determine where to plot a fraction greater than one on a given partitioned number line.
63.OA.A.4Determine which whole numbers will make given division and multiplication equations true.
73.NF.A.3Identify the fractional equivalent of a given whole number.
83.OA.B.6Write a multiplication equation that can be used to help solve a given division equation.
93.G.A.2Identify the shaded areas of shapes that represent a given fraction.
103.NBT.A.3Solve a word problem by multiplying a single-digit whole number by a multiple of 10.
113.OA.D.9Identify the next term in a given subtraction pattern.
123.NBT.A.1In a real-world problem, select numbers that, when rounded to the nearest hundred, will equal a specified number.
133.G.A.2Write the fraction that represents one part of a given circle that is divided into equal parts.
143.NF.A.3From a given set of fractions, determine the fraction that is not equivalent to the other fractions.
153.MD.C.7Determine the area of rectangles by counting squares or by multiplying the length times the width, and then determine the total area of a rectilinear figure.
163.OA.D.8Solve a two-step word problem involving addition and subtraction.
173.OA.A.1Determine how a two-digit product can be expressed as equal groups of equal numbers of objects.
183.OA.A.3Write a multiplication or division equation that can be used to solve a given word problem.
193.NF.A.1Create a fraction model to represent a given fraction in the form a/b.
203.MD.C.6Determine the area of an irregular shape by counting the square tiles that cover it.
213.NF.A.1Determine the fraction that is represented by a given fraction model.
223.MD.D.8Given shapes and their dimensions, determine which shape has a specified perimeter and has the largest area.
233.OA.C.7Create a division expression that will have a given quotient.
243.MD.C.5Determine the correct statement relating square units to the area of a given figure.
253.MD.A.1Measure a time interval given a start and end time shown on two different digital clocks.
263.G.A.1Identify the mathematical names of shapes that share two given attributes.
273.NF.A.3Identify a fraction that is equivalent to a given fraction when both fractions are represented by models.
283.OA.D.9Identify a given subtraction pattern, extend another pattern using the same rule, and use properties of odd and even numbers to describe similar features in the two patterns.
293.G.A.1Determine which shapes are a specific type of quadrilateral.
303.MD.C.7Determine two expressions that can be used to find the area of a rectangle using the distributive property.
313.NBT.A.3Solve a word problem by multiplying a single-digit whole number by a multiple of 10.
323.NF.A.1Determine which fraction model represents a given fraction.
333.MD.C.7Complete an equation that can be used when decomposing a rectilinear figure to find the total area.
343.OA.B.6Determine the multiplication equation that can be used to solve a division word problem.
353.OA.B.5Determine the missing factor that can be used with the distributive property to find equivalent products.
363.NF.A.2Plot a point on a partitioned number line to show the location of a unit fraction.
373.NBT.A.2Solve word problems involving addition and subtraction with three-digit whole numbers.
383.OA.A.3Use an array to write a multiplication equation that matches a division equation.
393.MD.B.3Solve a one-step "how many more" problem using a given bar graph.
403.G.A.1Identify the true statements about attributes of three types of quadrilaterals.

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