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Search, Export and Mailing Labels

How to Find People and Organizations

There are four ways to search for organizations or people:

  • Organization Search
    • Search by organization type (required)
    • Filter by characteristics, grades and/or City/Town (optional)
  • People Search
    • Search by job function, (required)
    • Filter by first name, last name, and/or organization keyword (optional)
  • Quick Search
    • Search for people and organizations with exact matches in their names
  • Geographic Search
    • Search for organizations by county then city or town

Search Results

The search results shows the name of organization, orgcode, type of organization, contact information and grades served. Select an organization to view its profile.


To export these data to a spreadsheet click Export/Mailing Labels.

Mailing Labels

Import the saved file to a standard label printing application or use the mail merge tool of a word processor such as Microsoft Word. The procedure for creating and printing labels varies greatly depending on which software you use. See your software help documentation for details.

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