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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The Information for my School/District is Incorrect
A: Contact your Directory Administrator. Each District has a Directory Administrator, who is responsible for updating and maintaining the district and school information . By default the Superintendent holds the role of Directory Administrator.

Q: Why does it take so long to get my results?
A: Broader queries, (for example all organization types), require a lot of server processing, causing a delay before your results are returned.

Q: I did not get any results for my search.
A: Your query is too narrow. Try selecting less specific information, for example, do not filter by grade.

Q: I searched for Public School Districts in my town, but didn't find any.
A: When you filter by "City/Town", the results include organizations with physical addresses in that city/town or organizations having that city town in its name. For example, a search for public school district in Brewster will return the Brewster District, even though it's physical address is in Orleans. On the other hand, if the district's physical address is not in your city town and/or your city/town name is not contained within the district name, there will be no results. For example, a search for public school district in Waban will not return any school districts because there is no district with a physical address in Waban, nor is Waban contained in the name of any district.

Q: I exported a list of Curriculum Directors but the file also contained Superintendants and Charter School Leaders.
A: This is by design. If a district does not provide a name for curriculum director, we substitute the "Head of Org." This is to ensure that someone receives communications destined for the selected function, in this case Curriculum Director.

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