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2022 Item by Item Results for GRADE 10 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 90     Participation Rate = 99%

1AI.A-REI.B.3 MI.A-REI.B.3 Determine the solution of a linear equation in one variable.
2AI.A-CED.A.2 MI.A-CED.A.2 MII.A-CED.A.2 Create two linear equations in two variables based on a description of a real-world situation.
3GEO.G-SRT.B.5 MII.G-SRT.B.5 Given two similar triangles, use a proportional relationship to determine an unknown side length.
4AI.A-SSE.A.2 MII.A-SSE.A.2 Factor a trinomial expression to identify an equivalent expression.
5AI.F-BF.A.2 MI.F-BF.A.2 Determine an expression that represents an arithmetic sequence, given its first five terms.
6AI.N-Q.A.2 MI.N-Q.A.2 Interpret the units in a graph that represents a real-world situation and estimate solutions of associated problems.
7GEO.G-CO.C.10 MII.G-CO.C.10 Identify the triangle theorem that is illustrated by a folded paper demonstration.
8AI.A-REI.D.12 MI.A-REI.D.12 Identify the graph of the solution set of a system of linear inequalities in two variables.
9GEO.G-CO.C.9 MII.G-CO.C.9 Identify an equation that may not be true based on a diagram featuring parallel lines and a transversal.
10AI.A-APR.A.1 MII.A-APR.A.1 Expand a polynomial expression to create an equivalent expression.
11AI.A-CED.A.4 MI.A-CED.A.4 MII.A-CED.A.4 Rearrange an equation to solve for different aspects of the formula it represents.
12AI.N-RN.A.2 MII.N-RN.A.2 Given an exponential expression, use properties of exponents to create an equivalent expression.
13AI.F-IF.A.2 MI.F-IF.A.2 Evaluate a linear function over specific values of its domain and interpret given values of the function in terms of a real-world context.
14AI.S-ID.C.7 MI.S-ID.C.7 Interpret the slope and the y-intercept of a linear model based on real-world data.
15GEO.G-CO.A.4 MI.G-CO.A.4 Describe a transformation of a line segment that will result in a parallel image.
16AI.F-BF.B.3 MI.F-BF.B.3 MII.F-BF.B.3 Create an equation that represents the graph of a function after it has been translated.
17AI.A-SSE.B.3 MII.A-SSE.B.3 Factor a quadratic expression to solve a real-world problem.
18AI.N-RN.A.1 MII.N-RN.A.1 Rewrite different radical expressions using rational exponents.
19GEO.G-CO.A.2 MI.G-CO.A.2 Determine the coordinates of an end point of a line segment, graphed on a coordinate plane, after a rotation.
20AI.A-REI.C.6 MI.A-REI.C.6 Determine the y-value of the solution of a system of linear equations.
21GEO.G-SRT.C.6 MII.G-SRT.C.6 Determine an angle measure in a right triangle based on the relationship of two of the triangle's side lengths.
22GEO.G-SRT.B.5 MII.G-SRT.B.5 Determine an unknown angle measure based on a diagram of two similar triangles.
23AI.N-Q.A.1 MI.N-Q.A.1 Compare rates that relate distance and time, given in different units.
24GEO.S-CP.A.3 MII.S-CP.A.3 Compute a conditional probability based on dependent events in a real-world situation.
25AI.F-LE.B.5 MI.F-LE.B.5 Interpret the parameters of an exponential function based on a real-world context.
26GEO.G-GMD.A.1 MII.G-GMD.A.1 Use dissections to find the partial circumference of a circle.
27GEO.S-CP.B.6 MII.S-CP.B.6 Calculate compound and conditional probabilities from data displayed in a graph and interpret the graph in terms of the probabilities.
28GEO.G-SRT.A.1 MII.G-SRT.A.1 Graph a triangle on a coordinate plane after a dilation.
29AI.A-CED.A.2 MI.A-CED.A.2 MII.A-CED.A.2 Create two-variable linear equations and use them to solve a real-world problem.
30GEO.G-C.A.3 MII.G-C.A.3 Determine the measure of an angle of a quadrilateral inscribed in a circle.
31AI.N-Q.A.3 GEO.N-Q.A.3 MI.N-Q.A.3 MII.N-Q.A.3 Use estimation and rounding strategies to solve a real-world problem.
32GEO.G-GPE.B.7 MI.G-GPE.B.7 Calculate the perimeter and the area of a pentagon graphed on a coordinate plane.
33AI.S-ID.A.1 MI.S-ID.A.1 Interpret a histogram based on a set of real-world data.
34GEO.G-GMD.A.3 MII.G-GMD.A.3 Use volume formulas for cylinders and spheres to solve real-world problems.
35AI.F-IF.B.5 MI.F-IF.B.5 MII.F-IF.B.5 Determine the domain and range of a linear function based on a real-world context.
36GEO.G-SRT.A.3 MII.G-SRT.A.3 Determine the measure of an angle in one of a pair of similar triangles.
37AI.S-ID.B.5 MI.S-ID.B.5 Calculate a marginal relative frequency from data in a two-way table.
38GEO.G-CO.D.12 MI.G-CO.D.12 Interpret the results of the construction of an angle bisector.
39GEO.G-C.B.5 MII.G-C.B.5 Determine the area of a sector of a circle and its arc length given the radius of the circle and a central angle measure.
40AI.F-LE.A.1 MI.F-LE.A.1 Determine whether given situations can be modeled by a linear function or by an exponential function.
41GEO.G-GPE.B.4 MII.G-GPE.B.4 Determine the nature of a quadrilateral given its coordinates represented by expressions.
42AI.A-CED.A.1 MI.A-CED.A.1 MII.A-CED.A.1 Create a one-variable equation, based on a real-world context, and use the equation to solve a problem.

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