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2019 Item by Item Results for GRADE 05 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 50    

E Ethel Little School - GRADE 05 MATHEMATICS
15.G.A.2Determine the coordinates of a point in the first quadrant that will create a rectangle when the first three points of the rectangle are given.
25.OA.A.2Match numerical expressions that involve two operations with equivalent word expressions.
35.NF.B.6Solve a real-world problem that involves multiplying a fraction by a mixed number.
45.MD.C.4Determine the volume of right rectangular prisms by counting unit cubes and using volume to solve problems.
55.NBT.A.4Round decimals to the nearest hundredth.
65.NF.A.2Estimate the sum of two fractions that are both less than one.
75.NBT.A.2Determine the quotient of a decimal and a power of ten.
85.OA.B.3Determine which statement describes two given number patterns.
95.NF.B.4Create a fraction model to represent the product of a fraction and a whole number.
105.G.A.2Interpret coordinate values of given points on a coordinate plane to solve a real-world problem.
115.G.B.4Given drawings of shapes, determine which shape is a rhombus.
125.NBT.A.3Compare two decimals to the thousandths place.
135.NBT.B.5Solve a problem involving multiplying whole numbers and estimating products of larger numbers.
145.MD.A.1Solve a multi-step real-world word problem by converting milliliters to liters.
155.MD.B.2Complete a line plot with given fractions and mixed numbers.
165.NF.B.7Solve real-world problems involving division of a whole number by a unit fraction and division of a unit fraction by a whole number.
175.OA.A.1Evaluate a numerical expression that contains parentheses.
185.NF.B.4Determine the area of a rectangle with fractional side lengths.
195.NBT.A.1Compare the value of a digit in one number to the value of the same digit in another number.
205.NBT.B.6Determine the equation that can be used to solve a problem by dividing whole numbers.
215.NBT.B.6Solve a word problem by finding the quotient of a four-digit dividend and a two-digit divisor.
225.NBT.B.7Determine the product of a whole number and a decimal to hundredths.
235.MD.B.2Use information from a given line plot to solve problems that involve adding and dividing fractions.
245.OA.A.1Identify and correct an error in the computation of a numerical expression and place parentheses to make the numerical expression equivalent to a different given value.
255.MD.C.5Determine the total volume of two non-overlapping right rectangular prisms.
265.NBT.A.3Compare values from a table that include mixed numbers and decimals.
275.MD.A.1Solve a multi-step real-world problem converting yards to inches.
285.NF.B.3Solve a problem involving division of two whole numbers that results in a fraction as an answer.
295.NBT.A.3Determine a missing value in the expanded form of a given decimal to thousandths.
305.G.B.3Select statements that correctly compare categories of two-dimensional figures, and then determine whether given shapes belong to specific subcategories.
315.MD.C.5Determine the volume of a right rectangular prism.
325.G.A.1Describe the relationships between the coordinates of a given point graphed on a coordinate plane and the origin and the x- and y-axes.
335.NF.A.2To solve a word problem, estimate the difference of two fractions that are less than one.
345.NF.B.3Choose the numbers and operation needed to write an expression that represents a fractional relationship in a word problem.
355.NBT.B.5Multiply a three-digit whole number by a two-digit whole number.
365.NF.A.1Use a fraction model to solve real-world problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions.
375.NBT.A.4Round a given decimal number in thousandths to the nearest tenth.
385.NBT.A.2Identify which whole number is equivalent to a given power of ten.
395.NBT.B.7Solve a word problem by dividing a decimal by a whole number.
405.OA.B.3Create ordered pairs using corresponding terms from two given patterns and plot the points on a coordinate plane.

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