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2019 Item by Item Results for GRADE 03 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 53    

E Ethel Little School - GRADE 03 MATHEMATICS
13.NF.A.1Determine the fraction that is represented by a given fraction model.
23.MD.B.4Complete a line plot using given measurements with fractions and mixed numbers.
33.G.A.1Determine which shape in a given set of shapes is not a rectangle.
43.OA.D.8Solve a two-step word problem using multiplication and subtraction.
53.NF.A.3Select the fractions that are equivalent to a given fraction.
63.MD.D.8Determine the perimeter of a square and then determine a length and a width of a rectangle with the same perimeter as the square, but with different dimensions.
73.NBT.A.3Solve a real-world problem by finding the product of a one-digit number and a multiple of 10.
83.OA.A.2Choose word problems that can be solved using a given division expression.
93.NBT.A.3Determine the product of a one-digit number and a multiple of 10 to solve a word problem.
103.NBT.A.2Determine which number completes a given addition equation.
113.NF.A.2Write the fraction that is represented by the location of a given point on a number line.
123.MD.B.4Use a ruler to measure the length of an item to the nearest half-inch.
133.MD.B.3Complete a scaled picture graph based on a given data set with three categories.
143.NBT.A.1Determine which two-digit whole number, when rounded to the nearest ten, rounds to a given number.
153.OA.B.5Show how to use the distributive property to solve a multiplication problem and critique the reasoning of another student who wants to use a different method.
163.NF.A.2Plot a point on a partitioned number line to show the location of a fraction that is greater than 1.
173.OA.D.9Determine the next number of a given pattern in a multiplication table.
183.OA.B.6Determine the multiplication equation that could be used to solve a given division equation.
193.OA.A.4Determine the missing factor in a multiplication equation that represents a given word problem.
203.G.A.2Determine what fraction of the area of the whole figure one part is.
213.NBT.A.1Determine which number would result when a given whole number is rounded to the nearest hundred.
223.OA.D.9Determine the rule in a given number pattern.
233.MD.A.2Interpret a drawing of a container and use subtraction to solve a word problem involving liquid volume in metric units.
243.G.A.2Write the fraction that represents one part of a given circle that is divided into equal parts.
253.NF.A.3Compare fractions in a real-world context and explain the reasoning to support the comparisons.
263.MD.C.7Complete an equation that can be used when decomposing a rectilinear figure to find the total area.
273.OA.B.6Find a related equation with a variable that can be used to solve a given division equation with the same variable.
283.MD.B.3Solve a one-step "how many more" problem using a given bar graph.
293.MD.C.6Determine the area of given figures by counting the unit squares.
303.OA.C.7Find the product of three one-digit whole numbers.
313.G.A.1Determine which shape has the same number of angles as a given shape.
323.OA.A.2Determine the equation that can be used to solve a given division word problem.
333.OA.C.7Complete given division equations by choosing the correct quotients.
343.MD.C.5Identify the correct statement relating square units to what is measured.
353.MD.A.1Measure a time interval given starting and ending times shown on two different analog clocks.
363.OA.A.3Write a multiplication or division equation that can be used to solve a given word problem.
373.NF.A.1Determine the fraction that is represented by the shaded parts of a given fraction model.
383.NBT.A.2Solve problems requiring addition and subtraction of two- and three-digit numbers and justify the thinking of another student.
393.NF.A.3Create a fraction model that represents a fraction with a value that is between two given fractions.
403.OA.A.1Determine the equation that can be used to solve a multiplication word problem.

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