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2021 Item by Item Results for GRADE 08 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 15     Participation Rate = 88%

Martha's Vineyard Charter (District) - GRADE 08 MATHEMATICS
18.EE.A.2Determine the cube root of a given number.
28.F.A.2Compare the initial values of two linear functions, one defined in text and the other in a table.
38.G.A.4Determine which transformations of a figure result in a figure that is either congruent, or similar but not congruent.
48.EE.A.3Given two numbers, each expressed as a single digit multiplied by an integer power of 10, determine by what value one of the numbers must be multiplied to obtain the other.
58.F.A.3Determine whether given equations are linear or nonlinear functions.
68.EE.C.8Determine one of the values of the solution to a pair of linear equations.
78.NS.A.1Determine whether a number is rational or irrational.
88.EE.C.7Solve linear equations in one variable and create a linear equation, given the number of solutions.
98.F.B.4Find the missing y-value in a table containing (x, y) values that represent the relationship in a linear function.
108.NS.A.2Determine which list orders rational and irrational numbers from least to greatest.
118.F.B.5Determine which graph represents an increasing linear function.
128.G.B.7Write an equation showing the relationship between the side lengths of a right triangle in a real-world context.
138.G.A.3Determine the coordinates of the image of a point on a line segment after the line segment has been reflected over the y-axis.
148.EE.B.6Determine the equation of a line, given a point on the line and its y-intercept.
158.EE.B.5Graph a proportional relationship based on a real-world context.
168.G.A.5Determine the measures of three angles shown in a diagram consisting of parallel lines intersected by a transversal.
178.G.A.2Describe the transformation on a quadrilateral that produced a given image and demonstrate an understanding of the preservation of congruence.
188.F.A.1Determine which graphs represent functions, and find the missing x-value in a table of (x, y) values that would show that y is not a function of x.
198.G.C.9Determine the volume of a cylinder in a real-world context.
208.SP.A.1Determine which statement is true about a scatterplot's pattern of association.
218.NS.A.1Determine the decimal equivalent of a rational number expressed as a fraction.
228.F.B.4Use the linear relationship represented in a table to determine the y-intercept and slope; to write the equation of the line; and to determine whether a given point falls on the line.
238.NS.A.2Identify a point on a number line that corresponds to the approximate location of an irrational number.
248.F.B.5Graph a linear function that has the same y-intercept as y=x and passes through a given point.
258.NS.A.2Determine between which pair of integers the square root of a given number lies.
268.EE.A.4Solve a real-world problem by performing operations with numbers expressed in both scientific and decimal notation.
278.G.A.1Graph the image of a triangle after a reflection and compare the sides, angles, areas, and perimeters of the triangle and its image.
288.EE.C.8Determine the number of solutions to a system of equations.
298.EE.A.1Apply the properties of integer exponents to identify equivalent expressions.
308.EE.B.6Determine the equation of a line graphed on a coordinate plane.
318.EE.C.8Create two linear equations, each involving the same two variables, to solve a real-world problem.
328.G.A.2Given several transformations on a triangle, determine whether the resulting images are congruent to the original figure.
338.SP.A.4Complete a two-way table, summarize real-world data on two categorical variables, and then compare an additional two-way table to the completed table.
348.G.B.8Use the Pythagorean Theorem to create an equation to represent the length of a line segment that is graphed on a coordinate plane.
358.EE.B.5Determine which equation represents a proportional relationship in a real-world context.
368.EE.C.7Determine the number of solutions for two different one-variable equations.
378.G.A.2Determine which sequence of transformations of a quadrilateral results in a given image.
388.G.B.7Use the Pythagorean theorem to find the missing side length of a triangle in a mathematical problem.
398.EE.B.5Determine which graph represents a proportional relationship in a real-world context.
408.G.A.1Graph the image of a line segment that has been reflected over the x-axis.

Notes: Students in grades 3-8 took a shorter version of the tests in spring 2021. Item results are not reported if fewer than 10 students in the school or district answered the item.

Participation rates varied across schools, districts, and student groups in 2021 more than in prior years. If the participation rate in 2021 was lower than in prior years, results may have been different if more students had taken the test.

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