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2021 Item by Item Results for GRADE 03 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 15     Participation Rate = 94%

Martha's Vineyard Charter (District) - GRADE 03 MATHEMATICS
13.OA.A.4Determine the missing factor in a multiplication equation.
23.NF.A.1Partition a rectangle into equal parts and shade the parts to represent a given fraction in the form a/b.
33.OA.C.7Choose the pair of multiplication and/or division equations that are both true.
43.OA.A.2Write an expression that can be used to solve a word problem involving division of whole numbers.
53.G.A.1Determine which shapes are a specific type of quadrilateral.
63.G.A.2Determine the unit fraction that describes the area of one part of a circle that is partitioned into equal parts.
73.MD.A.1Solve word problems by finding time intervals using subtraction and addition.
83.MD.B.4Select an appropriate ruler and measure a figure to the nearest fourth of an inch.
93.MD.B.3Use a scaled bar graph to solve a two-step “how many more” question.
103.NBT.A.1Solve a word problem with estimation by rounding whole numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.
113.OA.A.3Solve a word problem involving division of two whole numbers.
123.NF.A.3Identify an equivalent fraction using a given fraction model larger than one.
133.OA.D.8Solve a two-step word problem involving subtraction and multiplication and represent the solution on a number line.
143.MD.C.6Determine the area of an irregular shape by counting the square tiles that cover it.
153.NF.A.2Graph a fraction greater than one on a number line.
163.MD.C.7Determine the equation that can be used to find the area of a figure with a given length and width.
173.NF.A.3Choose the statement that correctly compares two fractions with the same numerator.
183.OA.B.6Determine the multiplication equation that could be used to solve a given division equation.
193.OA.D.9Determine the rule and find the next number in a pattern.
203.NBT.A.3Choose expressions that have the same value as a given expression in which a one-digit whole number is multiplied by a multiple of ten.
213.MD.C.5Determine the area of a figure given the number of square tiles that cover the figure and the side length of each tile.
223.NF.A.2Determine which fraction is represented by the location of a given point on a number line.
233.NBT.A.2Compare three-digit whole numbers given in a table by subtracting.
243.NF.A.3Write a fraction that is equivalent to a given fraction.
253.OA.B.5Choose the pair of multiplication and/or division equations that are both true.
263.NBT.A.3Multiply one-digit whole numbers by multiples of ten.
273.G.A.1Identify which mathematical name applies for a shape given the number of sides.
283.NBT.A.2Add two three-digit whole numbers with regrouping.
293.NBT.A.1Round whole numbers to the nearest 10.
303.MD.A.1Determine the time interval given starting and ending times shown on two different analog clocks.
313.MD.D.8Given a shape and its dimensions, determine which shape with different given dimensions has the same area but a different perimeter.
323.OA.A.1Solve a multiplication word problem, and write another word problem that can be solved with a given multiplication equation.
333.OA.C.7Solve multiplication equations with two or three whole number factors.
343.OA.D.8Write an equation involving multiplication and addition that can be used to solve a two-step problem.
353.OA.A.4Determine which multiplication and division equations are true when the unknown quantity is replaced with a given value.
363.NF.A.1Determine the fraction represented by a fraction model, justify your answer, and then create a fraction model of a fraction greater than one.
373.MD.A.2Multiply to solve a word problem involving liters.
383.MD.D.8Given the perimeter and some of the side lengths for several polygons, determine which polygons have a missing side length that is a specific amount.
393.G.A.2Determine the unit fraction that describes the area of one part of a given shape that is partitioned into equal parts.
403.OA.A.3Determine which equation represents a word problem with division of whole numbers.

Notes: Students in grades 3-8 took a shorter version of the tests in spring 2021. Item results are not reported if fewer than 10 students in the school or district answered the item.

Participation rates varied across schools, districts, and student groups in 2021 more than in prior years. If the participation rate in 2021 was lower than in prior years, results may have been different if more students had taken the test.

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