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2017 Item by Item Results for GRADE 07 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Number of Students Included: 31     Mode: Paper

Hill View Montessori Charter Public (District) - GRADE 07 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
1CCRA.R.5Analyze the purpose of a poem's form.
2CCRA.R.5Analyze what is emphasized by contrast in lines in a poem.
3CCRA.R.4Determine the main effect of words in a poem.
4CCRA.R.4Determine the meaning of words in a poem.
5CCRA.R.8aAnalyze symbolism in a poem.
6CCRA.L.1Determine the function of punctuation used in a sentence.
7CCRA.R.4Analyze the meaning of a phrase in a passage.
8CCRA.R.6Determine an author's purpose in a passage.
9CCRA.L.4Use context to determine the meaning of a word.
10Not AvailableWrite an essay to explain how two texts present information on a topic; use information from the texts to support your explanation.
11CCRA.R.3Analyze the interaction of plot to character and find evidence to support the answer.
12CCRA.R.2Determine a theme of the passage.
13CCRA.R.2Analyze how a central idea of the passage is developed and identify supporting evidence.
14CCRA.R.6Analyze how the points of view of characters are developed in a passage and provide evidence to support your analysis.
15Not AvailableWrite a narrative that continues the story, including supporting details from the story.
16CCRA.R.3Analyze how the setting impacts the tone of a passage.
17CCRA.R.4Determine the meaning of a phrase, based on analysis of the passage.
18CCRA.R.2Determine a central idea in a passage.
19CCRA.R.3Analyze the qualities of a character in a passage.
20CCRA.R.1Make an inference based on information from the passage.
21CCRA.R.1Make an inference about a character based on information from the passage.
22CCRA.R.3Analyze a character's feelings in a passage.
23CCRA.R.6Analyze how the author develops the characters' points of view in the passage.
24CCRA.L.2Determine the purpose of a punctuation symbol in a passage.
25Not AvailableWrite an essay to explain what a character learns in a passage; use information from the passage to support your explanation.
LA10.CONV1CCRA.L.1Essay 10 Language ( conventions )
LA15.CONV2CCRA.L.1Essay 15 Language ( conventions )
LA25.CONV3CCRA.L.1Essay 25 Language ( conventions )
WR10.IDEA1CCRA.W.2Essay 10 Writing ( idea development )
WR15.IDEA2CCRA.W.3Essay 15 Writing ( idea development )
WR25.IDEA3CCRA.W.2Essay 25 Writing ( idea development )

Notes: State results in grades 4 and 8 ELA and mathematics in 2017 are not generated for paper-based testing because the majority of students participated in computer-based testing.

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