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2017 Item by Item Results for GRADE 05 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Number of Students Included: 35     Mode: Paper

Hill View Montessori Charter Public (District) - GRADE 05 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
1CCRA.R.3Make an inference about subjects of paintings based on lines from a poem.
2CCRA.L.1Identify what the pronoun "they" refers to.
3CCRA.L.4Identify the meaning in context of a word with multiple meanings.
4CCRA.R.6Determine the speaker's point of view based on lines from the poem.
5CCRA.R.2Determine how lines from the poem contribute to the overall theme.
6CCRA.R.6Identify a similarity between the speakers of two poems.
7Not AvailableWrite an essay describing the feelings of the speakers of two poems; use details from the poems as evidence.
8CCRA.R.2Identify the theme of the passage and choose the evidence that best supports the theme.
9CCRA.R.3Identify the character's feeling and choose evidence that best supports that feeling.
10CCRA.R.7Analyze how an illustration and a detail from the passage each contribute to an understanding of a character.
11CCRA.L.4Identify the meaning of a vocabulary word in context.
12Not AvailableWrite a narrative describing what might happen next in the passage.
13CCRA.R.3Analyze how the author presents information to create interest in the topic.
14CCRA.R.3Determine what is surprising about the topic based on a given section of the article.
15CCRA.R.3Make an inference about a main idea in the article.
16CCRA.R.1Identify an answer based on an explicit reading of a paragraph.
17CCRA.R.1Identify an answer based on an explicit reading of a paragraph.
18CCRA.R.7Analyze text and a diagram to identify a contrast identified in the article.
19CCRA.R.7Determine a fact based on information presented throughout the article.
20CCRA.R.1Make an inference based on information presented throughout the article.
21CCRA.R.1Make an inference based on information presented throughout the article.
22CCRA.R.6Identify the author's purpose for writing the article.
23CCRA.L.4Identify a word from the article that refers to direction.
24CCRA.L.4Determine the meaning of a phrase used in the article.
25Not AvailableWrite an essay analyzing and explaining information from the article; use information from the article as evidence.
LA12.CONV2CCRA.L.1Essay 12 Language ( conventions )
LA25.CONV3CCRA.L.1Essay 25 Language ( conventions )
LA7.CONV1CCRA.L.1Essay 7 Language ( conventions )
WR12.IDEA2CCRA.W.3Essay 12 Writing ( idea development )
WR25.IDEA3CCRA.W.2Essay 25 Writing ( idea development )
WR7.IDEA1CCRA.W.2Essay 7 Writing ( idea development )

Notes: State results in grades 4 and 8 ELA and mathematics in 2017 are not generated for paper-based testing because the majority of students participated in computer-based testing.

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