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2017 Item by Item Results for GRADE 04 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 32     Mode: Online

Hill View Montessori Charter Public (District) - GRADE 04 MATHEMATICS
14.MD.1.A.3Given the length and perimeter of a rectangle in a real-world context, determine the width of the rectangle.
24.NF.3.C.7Given a decimal, determine a greater decimal in a real-world context.
34.G.1.A.3Determine which two-dimensional figure shows all of its lines of symmetry.
44.G.1.A.1Identify the lines in a figure that are perpendicular.
54.OA.2.B.4Determine multiples, factors, and whether numbers are prime or composite and justify the reasoning used to determine the answers.
64.G.1.A.1Identify the number of right angles in a given two-dimensional figure.
74.OA.1.A.2Determine which equation using multiplicative comparison represents a given real-world context.
84.NF.2.B.3bDetermine which expression has a value that is equivalent to a given fraction.
94.NBT.2.B.5Find the product of a four-digit number and a one-digit number.
104.G.1.A.3Determine which figure has a given number of lines of symmetry.
114.OA.1.A.3Solve multi-step real-world problems using all four operations and interpret a remainder.
124.NBT.1.A.2Complete a given number sentence to compare the difference in size between two four-digit numbers.
134.MD.1.A.1Determine which list of metric units is arranged by size based on a given order.
144.NBT.2.B.5Determine the product of a three-digit number and a one-digit number.
154.OA.1.A.3Solve multi-step real-world problems using multiplication and division, and interpret a remainder.
164.G.1.A.1Determine which two-dimensional figure has the given number of acute angles.
174.NF.2.B.4bDetermine which expression is equivalent to the product of a whole number and a fraction.
184.NBT.2.B.4Determine the sum of a five-digit number and a four-digit number.
194.MD.3.C.7Determine the measures of unknown angles given other angle measures and calculate the sum of all the angles.
204.NBT.2.B.6Determine the remainder when a four-digit number is divided by a one-digit number.
214.MD.1.A.2Solve multi-step real-world problems involving money using addition, subtraction and multiplication.
224.NF.1.A.2Complete a number sentence comparing two fractions.
234.NF.2.B.3dDetermine which fraction equation represents a given real-world context.
244.NBT.2.B.5Determine the product of a three-digit number and a one-digit number.
254.NF.2.B.4cDetermine the product of a fraction and a whole number in a real-world context.
264.OA.1.A.3Solve a multi-step real-world problem involving addition, multiplication and division with whole numbers.
274.NBT.2.B.4Solve real-world problems including addition and subtraction with four-digit whole numbers.
284.NF.1.A.1Determine which set of fractions are equivalent to each other.
294.MD.3.C.6Determine the angle measure of an angle shown on a protractor.
304.NF.2.B.4bDetermine which expression is equivalent to the product of a whole number and a fraction.
314.NBT.2.B.4Determine which addition problems with four-digit whole numbers have the given sum.
324.G.1.A.2Identify which statement is true about the properties of a right triangle.
334.NBT.2.B.6Find the quotient and remainder of a three-digit number divided by a one-digit number.
344.MD.3.C.7Determine the measures of unknown angles in a figure given some of the figure's angle measures.
354.OA.1.A.1Determine which statements represent a given multiplication equation.
364.NF.3.C.7Determine if the comparison of two decimals is accurate, and represent the two decimals as fractions to justify the answer.
374.NBT.2.B.5Determine the product of 2 two-digit whole numbers.
384.NF.2.B.3cFind the sum of two mixed numbers with like denominators.
394.OA.2.B.4Identify the number that is not a factor of a two-digit number.
404.G.1.A.2Identify the two-dimensional figure with only obtuse angles.

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