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2018 Item by Item Results for GRADE 06 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 118     Mode: Online

Narragansett - GRADE 06 MATHEMATICS
16.G.A.01Given the area and the length of a rectangle in a real-world context, determine the width.
26.SP.B.05Find the mean of a set of data.
36.NS.C.06Graph a point on a coordinate plane.
46.RP.A.02Determine a unit rate, given a real-world context.
56.EE.A.03Determine which expression is equivalent to a given expression that represents a real-world context.
66.NS.B.03Find the sum and product of two multi-digit decimals.
76.RP.A.03Solve real-world problems involving finding a fraction and percents.
86.EE.A.02Determine the value of an expression given the value of the variable.
96.RP.A.03Use ratio reasoning to convert between inches and yards in a real-world context.
106.NS.C.06Given a number, graph the opposite of the number on a number line.
116.EE.C.09Analyze the relationship between the variables in an equation that represents a given real-world context.
126.SP.B.04Interpret circle graphs to solve problems.
136.RP.A.01Describe a ratio in a real-world context.
146.G.A.01Find the area of a composite figure.
156.SP.B.04Create a histogram based on given data from a real-world situation.
166.NS.C.07Identify a rational number that is within a range of other rational numbers.
176.EE.C.09Identify an equation that represents a real-world relationship given in a table, and determine the value of one variable given the other.
186.G.A.03Given the locations of two vertices of a right triangle, determine the coordinates of the third vertex.
196.NS.B.04Determine the prime factorization of a number.
206.EE.B.06Write a variable expression that represents a given real-world context.
216.EE.B.07Determine which equation represents a given real-world context.
226.NS.C.08Find the distance between two points on a coordinate plane.
236.RP.A.01Determine the ratio of two ingredients in a mixture.
246.G.A.02Find the volume of a right rectangular prism.
256.NS.B.04Use understanding of greatest common factors and least common multiples to solve problems.
266.EE.B.05Choose two rational solutions of an inequality.
276.G.A.03Graph a quadrilateral given the coordinates of two of its vertices.
286.RP.A.03Solve a unit rate problem based on a given real-world context.
296.EE.A.03Generate and simplify variable expressions to represent the perimeter and the area of a rectangle.
306.SP.B.05Determine the interquartile range of a set of data.
316.NS.B.02Divide multi-digit numbers to solve a problem.
326.EE.B.08Write an inequality that represents a constraint in a real-world context.
336.EE.A.04Identify equivalent expressions.
346.RP.A.01Determine a ratio that is described by a given ratio relationship in a real-world context.
356.G.A.04Identify the shape and determine the surface area of a three-dimensional figure given its net.
366.SP.B.04Create a dot plot based on given data from a real-world situation.
376.RP.A.03Solve a ratio problem based on a given real-world context.
386.EE.A.01Create exponential expressions that are equivalent to given expressions.
396.G.A.01Solve a problem that involves finding the area of a rectangle.
406.EE.A.02Create an expression that matches a verbal description.

Notes: State results in grades 3 and 6 are based on students taking that mode and are not representative of the full state population.

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