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2018 Item by Item Results for GRADE 04 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 120     Mode: Online

Narragansett - GRADE 04 MATHEMATICS
14.G.A.01Determine the number of right angles in a given polygon.
24.NBT.B.04Given one three-digit addend and the four-digit sum, determine the missing addend.
34.NBT.B.06Write related multiplication equations for given division equations that include a variable.
44.NF.A.01Shade in a fraction model to represent an equivalent fraction to a given fraction.
54.NF.C.05Add two fractions with denominators 10 and 100 by writing equivalent fractions with like denominators.
64.MD.A.02Solve a word problem involving amounts of money written in dollars and cents.
74.NBT.A.02Write numbers in expanded notation and standard form, determine a number that meets given criteria, and write a number sentence using <, >, or = to compare numbers.
84.NF.C.06Identify the value that describes the location of a point on a number line and write that value as a fraction and as a decimal.
94.NBT.B.05Multiply a four-digit whole number and a one-digit whole number.
104.MD.C.06Identify three angles, displayed with protractors, that have a measure greater than a given angle measure.
114.MD.A.02Given a starting time on an analog clock and the amount of time a task will take, determine what the time will be when the task is finished.
124.NF.B.03Solve word problems by adding fractions with like denominators and comparing fractions with like numerators.
134.OA.B.04Solve a word problem by identifying a multiple of a given whole number.
144.NF.C.07Compare decimals to hundredths using <, >, or =.
154.G.A.03Identify a shape that has more than one line of symmetry.
164.NBT.B.06Give the value of a variable that makes a division equation true.
174.OA.A.03Solve multi-step word problems by adding 3 four-digit whole numbers and by adding and subtracting four-digit whole numbers.
184.NF.A.02Complete fraction comparisons with the symbols <, >, or =.
194.NBT.B.04Subtract a four-digit whole number from another four-digit whole number.
204.NF.B.04Determine which expression is equivalent to a given fraction.
214.NF.C.07Use a visual model to identify a decimal that is equivalent to a given decimal.
224.OA.B.04Determine which numbers are multiples of given values.
234.OA.A.02Divide to solve a word problem involving a multiplicative comparison.
244.G.A.02Identify which shapes have parallel sides, perpendicular sides, or both.
254.MD.A.03Use a ruler to measure the sides of a rectangle and then find the area of the rectangle.
264.MD.A.01Express an amount given in liters in milliliters.
274.NF.C.05Determine the missing addend in an equation containing fractions with denominators of 10 and 100.
284.MD.C.07Determine an angle measure given the measures of two adjacent angles and the sum of all three angle measures.
294.OA.C.05Determine additional terms of a pattern given the rule, explain how the rule affects the pattern, and then analyze a similar pattern to find additional terms.
304.NF.B.04Determine the product of a whole number and a unit fraction.
314.MD.B.04Find the difference between two values from a line plot with fraction, mixed number, and whole number values.
324.NF.B.03Write an addition expression that is equivalent to a given fraction.
334.G.A.03Determine which figure has exactly one line of symmetry.
344.NF.C.06Determine which decimal is equivalent to a given fraction with a denominator of 100.
354.NF.A.02Compare fractions with different denominators to determine which fraction is the greatest and then identify fractions that are equivalent to a given fraction.
364.OA.A.01Write a multiplication equation to represent a multiplicative comparison written in words.
374.NBT.A.01Determine how many times the value of a digit in one number is compared to the value of the digit in another number.
384.MD.C.05Determine the measure of an angle that turns through a given fraction of a circle.
394.G.A.02Identify the shape that matches a given list of features describing the sides and angles of the shape.
404.OA.A.02Choose a multiplication equation that can be used to solve a word problem with a multiplicative comparison.

Notes: Results in grades 4, 5, 7 and 8 in 2018 are not generated for paper-based testing because the majority of students participated in computer-based testing.

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