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2022 Item by Item Results for GRADE 05 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 45     Participation Rate = 100.00%

Lambert Lavoie - GRADE 05 MATHEMATICS
15.MD.C.5Determine the expression that can be used to find the volume of a right rectangular prism that is packed with unit cubes.
25.NBT.A.4Round a decimal to the nearest whole number.
35.NF.B.5Determine the relationship between the value of an expression and its factors by comparing the size of the factor to 1.
45.OA.A.1Place parentheses in an expression to make the expression equivalent to a given value.
55.MD.C.5Determine the number of cubes that are used to create a figure when the length of one edge of the cube and the volume of the figure are given.
65.NBT.A.3Write a decimal number given in word form in number form.
75.NF.B.4Write the product of a whole number and a fraction as an equivalent expression with multiplication and division of whole numbers.
85.NBT.B.6Find the quotient of a 4-digit dividend and a 1-digit divisor.
95.NBT.B.7Solve multi-step real-world problems using the four operations with given whole numbers and decimals to hundredths.
105.OA.A.1Determine the value of a given expression that has two operations and parentheses.
115.NBT.A.1Compare the values of a digit in two different four-digit whole numbers.
125.MD.B.2Subtract mixed numbers to solve a problem involving information presented in a line plot.
135.G.A.2Graph a given ordered pair on a coordinate plane, give the ordered pair of a point on a coordinate plane, and interpret coordinate values of points in the context of the situation.
145.NF.B.7Determine the quotient of a unit fraction divided by a whole number in a real-world context.
155.OA.A.2Identify equivalent numerical and word expressions.
165.MD.A.1Compare lengths with measurements given in yards, feet, and inches and order from least to greatest.
175.NF.A.1Find the difference of two mixed numbers with unlike denominators.
185.NF.B.7Determine the quotients of whole numbers divided by fractions in real-world contexts.
195.MD.C.5Determine the total volume of two non-overlapping right rectangular prisms.
205.NF.A.2Solve a word problem by finding the sum of two mixed numbers with unlike denominators.
215.NBT.A.2Find the multiple of 10 that makes an equation true when multiplying a decimal by an unknown factor.
225.MD.B.2Create a line plot with data given in the form of fractions with different denominators.
235.NBT.A.2Identify which whole number is equivalent to a given power of ten.
245.OA.B.3Extend two different addition patterns and explain the relationship between corresponding terms in the patterns.
255.NBT.B.7Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals to hundredths.
265.NF.B.6Solve real-world problems by finding the products of a whole number and a fraction, two fractions, a mixed number and a fraction, and two mixed numbers.
275.MD.B.2Use information from a given line plot to solve problems that involve adding and dividing fractions.
285.NBT.B.5Determine the product of a two-digit whole number and a four-digit whole number.
295.NBT.B.6Write a division equation with a 4-digit dividend, a 1-digit divisor, and a variable quotient and then use the equation to solve a word problem.
305.NF.B.3Identify a fraction as division of the numerator by the denominator and solve a word problem with division of two whole numbers with a mixed number answer.
315.G.B.3Given a set of two-dimensional figures, identify which figures are rectangles.
325.NF.B.7Determine the word problem that can be solved by dividing a unit fraction by a whole number.
335.MD.C.4Solve a word problem involving finding the volume of a right rectangular prism by counting unit cubes.
345.G.A.1Write the ordered pair that describes the location of a point plotted on a coordinate plane.
355.NBT.A.4Round a given decimal number in thousandths to the nearest tenth.
365.G.B.4Determine if sets of quadrilaterals can also be classified as another quadrilateral.
375.MD.C.4Determine the volume of a right rectangular prism, with dimensions in metric units, by counting the cubes that make up the prism.
385.NBT.A.3Compare values from a table that include mixed numbers and decimals.
395.NF.B.4Identify a real-world problem that represents a given multiplication equation with a unit fraction and a whole number.
405.NBT.B.5Multiply a three-digit whole number by a two-digit whole number.

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