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2018 Item by Item Results for GRADE 03 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Number of Students Included: 84     Mode: Paper

1R.2.04Determine the purpose of a repeated phrase in the story.
2R.1.01Use details from the story to demonstrate understanding.
3R.2.04Interpret what a word suggests about characters in the story.
4R.1.03Analyze a character's actions in the story.
5R.1.03Determine a character's motivation in the story.
6R.2.06Identify the point of view in the story.
7L.3.04Identify the structure that a group of words has in common.
8R.1.03Identify the word that best describes the main character and choose evidence from the story that best supports the description.
9Not AvailableWrite a narrative describing what might happen next in the story.
10R.3.08Use details to explain a comparison from the passage.
11L.3.04Determine the meaning of a domain-specific word in a passage.
12R.1.01Use information from the passage to demonstrate understanding.
13L.3.04Determine the meaning of a word in context.
14R.1.01Use evidence to demonstrate understanding of the passage.
15R.1.03Use information from the passage to determine when an event happens.
16R.2.05Identify the section of the passage that describes a particular topic.
17R.2.04Determine the meaning of a domain-specific word and choose the evidence from the passage that best supports its meaning.
18Not AvailableWrite an essay that explains how the author uses text features to help the reader understand the topic. Use information from the passage as evidence.
19L.2.03Determine the effect of figurative language used in the article.
20R.1.01Use information from the article to demonstrate understanding.
21R.2.05Determine where additional information should be included in the article.
22L.1.01Determine the part of speech of a word used in the story.
23L.3.05Determine the meaning of a word in context.
24R.3.09Compare information about a topic found in the article and the story.
25R.2.04Determine the meaning of a word used in context in the article and in the story.
26R.1.01Identify information and choose supporting evidence from the article.
27R.3.09Write a paragraph that compares the main ideas of the article and the story; include important details from both texts.
LA9.CONV1L.1.01Essay 9 Language ( conventions )
LA18.CONV2L.1.01Essay 18 Language ( conventions )
WR9.IDEA1W.1.03Essay 9 Writing ( idea development )
WR18.IDEA2W.1.02Essay 18 Writing ( idea development )

Notes: State results in grades 3 and 6 are based on students taking that mode and are not representative of the full state population.

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