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2018 Item by Item Results for GRADE 08 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Number of Students Included: 22     Mode: Online

Community Day Charter Public School Prospect (District) - GRADE 08 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
1R.1.02Identify a central idea of an excerpt.
2R.2.06Compare the points of view of a primary source and a secondary source.
3R.1.03Analyze the ideas of two historical figures as described in a primary and a secondary source.
4R.3.09Analyze the relationship between a primary source and a secondary source on the same topic.
5L.3.04Use context to determine the meaning of a word with multiple definitions.
6R.1.03Identify an emotion of a historical figure in a primary source; select evidence from provided details as support.
7R.1.01Select evidence from a primary source to support a given inference about a historical figure in that source.
8Not AvailableWrite an essay analyzing a common trait of two historical figures in a primary source and a secondary source; cite evidence from both sources to support the analysis.
9R.2.06Analyze the reason for the author's selection of a point of view in a passage.
10R.1.01Analyze how descriptive language provides information about a character.
11R.1.03Analyze how a line of text helps to develop a character.
12R.1.03Make an inference about a character based on the character's actions in a specific paragraph in a passage.
13R.1.02Determine a theme of a passage.
14R.2.05Analyze the function of specific paragraphs in a passage; select evidence from provided details to support analysis.
15R.1.02Select and order given events from a passage to create a summary of the passage.
16Not AvailableWrite a narrative that retells the events of a passage from the point of view of a secondary character.
17R.1.03Make an inference about a character's actions based on information in the passage.
18R.1.02Analyze how a specific section of text helps to develop the theme of a passage.
19R.1.01Determine the role of a character based on information from the passage.
20R.1.03Identify a technique the author uses to develop the plot.
21L.3.04Use context to determine the meaning of a word in the passage.
22R.1.03Analyze how specific actions in a passage reveal character, and provide support for this analysis.
23R.1.01Analyze how specific phrases reveal a character's belief.
24Not AvailableWrite an essay explaining how a character changes throughout the passage; use information from the passage to support the explanation.
LA8.CONV1L.1.01Essay 8 Language ( conventions )
LA16.CONV2L.1.01Essay 16 Language ( conventions )
LA24.CONV3L.1.01Essay 24 Language ( conventions )
WR8.IDEA1W.1.02Essay 8 Writing ( idea development )
WR16.IDEA2W.1.03Essay 16 Writing ( idea development )
WR24.IDEA3W.1.02Essay 24 Writing ( idea development )

Notes: Results in grades 4, 5, 7 and 8 in 2018 are not generated for paper-based testing because the majority of students participated in computer-based testing.

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