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2022 Item by Item Results for GRADE 08 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Number of Students Included: 131     Participation Rate = 99%

Littleton Middle School - GRADE 08 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
1R.PK-12.3Analyze a difference between characters in a passage.
2L.PK-12.2Analyze the purpose of dashes in a sentence in a passage.
3L.PK-12.3Determine the purpose of short sentences in a passage.
4R.PK-12.1Identify a quotation that marks a turning point in a passage.
5R.PK-12.4Analyze a symbolic image in a passage.
6R.PK-12.3Analyze how a section of a passage develops a character.
7R.PK-12.3Make an inference about a character from a section of a passage.
8R.PK-12.3Analyze how two characters in different passages have a similar experience.
9R.PK-12.2Determine a shared theme of two passages on similar topics.
10R.PK-12.3Determine one character's attitude based on a quotation from a passage and identify a quotation from another passage that expresses a similar attitude.
11R.PK-12.6Compare the behavior of characters in two different passages on similar topics.
12-Write an essay that analyzes characters in two passages on similar topics; use information from both passages to support the analysis.
13R.PK-12.4Analyze the effect of verb tense in an excerpt.
14R.PK-12.2Explain how a paragraph contributes to the main idea of an excerpt.
15R.PK-12.6Analyze the purpose of quoting a primary source in an excerpt.
16R.PK-12.4Analyze descriptive language used as a preface to a poem.
17L.PK-12.4Use context to determine the meaning of a word used figuratively in a poem.
18R.PK-12.6Analyze a difference in perspective between an excerpt and a poem on similar topics.
19R.PK-12.3Use information from an excerpt and a poem on similar topics to compare the experiences depicted in each text.
20L.PK-12.4Use context to determine the meaning of a word in an excerpt.
21R.PK-12.6Identify the purpose of a parenthetical statement in an excerpt.
22R.PK-12.5Analyze the effect of a sentence in an excerpt.
23R.PK-12.5Make an inference from a paragraph in an excerpt.
24L.PK-12.4Use context to determine the meaning of a word in an excerpt and identify a quotation from the excerpt that supports the meaning.
25R.PK-12.3Determine the purpose of paragraphs in a passage.
26R.PK-12.1Analyze how the details in two paragraphs contribute to the reader's understanding of a passage.
27R.PK-12.3Analyze how a character's actions in a passage reveal a character trait.
28R.PK-12.4Determine the tone of a character's dialogue in a passage.
29R.PK-12.2Make a comparison between an excerpt and a passage on similar topics.
30R.PK-12.3Identify a difference in individuals' attitudes in an excerpt and a passage on similar topics.
31-Write an essay that explains the benefits and challenges of a particular topic based on an excerpt and a passage; use information from both texts to support the analysis.
WR12.IDEA1W.PK-12.2 W.PK-12.4 Essay 12 Writing ( idea development )
LA12.CONV1L.PK-12.1 L.PK-12.2 L.PK-12.3 Essay 12 Language ( conventions )
WR31.IDEA2W.PK-12.2 W.PK-12.4 Essay 31 Writing ( idea development )
LA31.CONV2L.PK-12.1 L.PK-12.2 L.PK-12.3 Essay 31 Language ( conventions )

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