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2022 Item by Item Results for GRADE 07 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Number of Students Included: 130     Participation Rate = 99%

Littleton Middle School - GRADE 07 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
1R.PK-12.5Determine the purpose of a paragraph in an article.
2L.PK-12.2Determine the purpose of specific punctuation marks in a sentence in an article.
3R.PK-12.2Analyze how a paragraph in an article contributes to a main idea.
4L.PK-12.5Determine the meaning of a figurative expression in an article.
5R.PK-12.2Determine the central idea of a section in an article.
6R.PK-12.3Analyze how an individual is developed with information from a paragraph in an article.
7L.PK-12.4Determine the meaning of a word in context.
8R.PK-12.5Determine the purpose of specific paragraphs in an article.
9R.PK-12.5Analyze how the structure of sentences in an article conveys meaning.
10R.PK-12.3Demonstrate understanding of an article by identifying a key concept; identify a detail from the article that supports the key concept.
11R.PK-12.1Demonstrate understanding of two articles by identifying similarities in the actions of two individuals.
12R.PK-12.9Analyze the different tones of two articles on similar subjects.
13-Write an argument to support a given claim; use information from two articles to support the argument.
14R.PK-12.3Determine the primary character traits of characters in a play using details from stage directions.
15R.PK-12.4Analyze the role of specific figurative language in a play.
16L.PK-12.2Identify the purpose of specific punctuation in stage directions of a play.
17R.PK-12.3Analyze lines in a play to determine a character's motivation.
18R.PK-12.1Make an inference about the relationship between characters in a play.
19R.PK-12.4Analyze the effect of specific lines in a play.
20R.PK-12.6Analyze how a playwright develops the points of view of characters in a play.
21R.PK-12.6Analyze how an author develops a character’s point of view in a passage.
22R.PK-12.4Analyze a section of a passage to determine what idea it emphasizes.
23R.PK-12.4Analyze the mood created in a paragraph of a passage.
24R.PK-12.5Analyze the significance of a section of a passage.
25R.PK-12.2Determine a central idea of a passage and select evidence from the passage for support.
26R.PK-12.1Make an inference based on details from a passage.
27L.PK-12.4Determine the meaning of a word in context.
28R.PK-12.3Analyze how paragraphs in a passage impact characterization.
29R.PK-12.6Determine how each of two authors uses the same technique to develop the point of view of a main character.
30R.PK-12.2Determine the theme shared by two passages.
31R.PK-12.9Analyze the similarities and differences in the traits of the main characters in two passages.
32-Write an essay explaining the challenges faced by the main characters in two passages; use information from the passage to support your explanation.
WR13.IDEA1W.PK-12.1 W.PK-12.4 Essay 13 Writing ( idea development )
LA13.CONV1L.PK-12.1 L.PK-12.2 L.PK-12.3 Essay 13 Language ( conventions )
WR32.IDEA2W.PK-12.2 W.PK-12.4 Essay 32 Writing ( idea development )
LA32.CONV2L.PK-12.1 L.PK-12.2 L.PK-12.3 Essay 32 Language ( conventions )

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