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2019 Item by Item Results for GRADE 06 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 58    

Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public (District) - GRADE 06 MATHEMATICS
16.RP.A.2Given a real-world context, determine the unit rate.
26.EE.B.8Graph the solution set of an inequality on a number line.
36.G.A.4Create an expression that can be used to find the surface area of a net consisting of rectangles and triangles.
46.G.A.3Given the coordinates of the vertices of a triangle, determine the length of a side.
56.EE.C.9Analyze a graph to determine the unit rate in a real-world context.
66.NS.B.4Given one factor, determine a possible product by using common factors and common multiples in a real-world context.
76.G.A.2Find the volumes of right rectangular prisms with fractional edge lengths by completely filling them with unit cubes.
86.EE.B.7Create and solve equations that represent a given real-world context.
96.RP.A.3Use ratios to solve a real-world problem involving a given rate.
106.NS.C.7Using the context of improper fractions and decimals, determine which rational number is less than a given rational number.
116.RP.A.1Select ratios that correctly describe given ratio relationships in a real-world context.
126.EE.B.6Determine which expression can be used to represent a given situation with real-world context.
136.RP.A.1Determine a ratio, given a real-world context.
146.SP.B.5Find and describe the median, mode, and mean of a data set; then given the mean, determine the value of an unknown number in another data set.
156.G.A.2Given a diagram and a verbal description, determine the volume of a rectangular prism.
166.EE.A.3Identify equivalent expressions by using the Distributive Property.
176.EE.A.1Determine if expressions with exponents are equivalent to a given value.
186.NS.C.6Match ordered pairs to points on a coordinate plane and determine which ordered pair represents the image of a point after a reflection.
196.RP.A.3Determine the volume of a solid by using rate and ratio reasoning within a real-world context.
206.NS.A.1Determine which expression represents a real-world problem involving division of a fraction by a fraction.
216.NS.B.2Determine whether the given division equations are true or false.
226.EE.A.2Evaluate an expression using substitution.
236.RP.A.3Using ratio and proportional reasoning, solve real-world problems involving fractions, decimals, percentages, and whole numbers.
246.RP.A.3Determine which graphical representation does not represent a given ratio.
256.SP.A.2Determine the mean and the mode of a given data set.
266.NS.C.6Determine the value of a given point on a number line.
276.EE.B.5Solve a two-step equation for an unknown value.
286.SP.B.4Determine which box plot represents a given set of data and interpret a box plot to solve a real-world problem.
296.NS.A.1Solve a word problem with real-world context using division of mixed numbers by mixed numbers.
306.EE.B.6Determine which mathematical expression can be used to represent a given situation with real-world context.
316.NS.C.7Order absolute value expressions from least to greatest value.
326.EE.B.5Solve a two-step equation to find the value of an unknown quantity.
336.NS.C.8Determine which points on a coordinate plane have a given distance between them.
346.G.A.2Solve a real-world problem involving volumes of right rectangular prisms.
356.EE.B.7Given an equation of the form px = q, select the equation that is equivalent to the given equation.
366.RP.A.2Determine the unit rate given a real-world context.
376.NS.B.3Determine the product of multi-digit decimals to solve a real-world problem.
386.SP.A.3Determine the measures of center associated with a given set of data.
396.EE.A.4Determine which expressions are equivalent to a given expression.
406.EE.C.9Given the value of one variable, determine the value of another variable by analyzing the relationship of data shown on a coordinate plane.

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