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2019 Item by Item Results for GRADE 07 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 73    

Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public (District) - GRADE 07 MATHEMATICS
17.RP.A.1Determine the unit rate using fractions and whole numbers to solve a real-world problem.
27.NS.A.2Determine the product of an expression using order of operations.
37.SP.A.2Use a given two-way table containing data from two populations to determine the probability of an event.
47.RP.A.2Determine whether the graphed relationship is proportional; use rate and ratio language to analyze the relationship; and write an equation to describe a proportional relationship.
57.NS.A.2Determine the quotient when dividing a decimal number by a decimal number that has a value less than one.
67.NS.A.3Use the four operations to determine the value of a given multi-step expression containing fractions.
77.NS.A.3Compute with rational numbers representing temperature changes in a real-world context.
87.G.A.3Determine which two-dimensional figure results from slicing a three-dimensional figure in a given way.
97.EE.B.3Solve a multi-step real-life problem posed with a positive whole number, percent, and a fraction.
107.NS.A.1Determine the sum of two numbers expressed as absolute values.
117.SP.A.1Determine which sampling strategy will result in a representative sample of a population.
127.EE.B.4Given a real-world context, create an equation and an inequality with variables, and use them to solve problems.
137.G.A.2Determine if a unique triangle can be formed using a given set of conditions.
147.SP.B.3Create correct comparison statements about mean and mean absolute deviation based on line plots.
157.SP.C.8Determine the probability of a given compound event by using a tree diagram.
167.EE.A.2Determine an equivalent expression to a given expression representing a real-world context.
177.G.B.4Determine the circumference and the area of a given circle.
187.EE.A.1Use the distributive property to simplify a linear expression.
197.SP.C.7Using a uniform probability model, determine the probabilities of events expressed as decimals, fractions, or percents.
207.RP.A.3Solve a multi-step percent problem using proportional relationships involving markdowns.
217.NS.A.1Determine which addition expression is equivalent to a given subtraction expression.
227.EE.A.2Determine which expression is equivalent to a given expression.
237.EE.B.4Graph the solution set of an inequality that represents a real-world problem.
247.RP.A.1Compute a unit rate associated with ratios of fractions in a real-world problem.
257.NS.A.3Solve a real-world problem that involves fractions and mixed numbers using operations.
267.SP.C.5Determine the likelihood of an event and calculate the probability of other events in a real-world context.
277.NS.A.2Determine the product of a negative fraction multiplied by a negative fraction, and then express the product as a rational decimal number.
287.SP.B.3Express the difference between two means in terms of the mean absolute deviation.
297.EE.A.1Expand a linear expression with a rational coefficient.
307.EE.B.4Solve a two-step equation.
317.NS.A.3Convert a value from one system of measurement to another using operations.
327.EE.B.4Write an equation to model a given written scenario based on a real-world context.
337.RP.A.2Determine which proportion represents a given real-world relationship.
347.RP.A.3Determine the solution of a percent increase problem with real-world context.
357.EE.B.3Solve a real-world, multi-step problem involving mixed numbers, percents, and whole numbers.
367.RP.A.1Determine the unit rate in a multi-step problem, given a real-world scenario.
377.G.B.5Use facts about angles to write and solve equations that can be used to find the measures of unknown angles in a diagram.
387.RP.A.2Determine the unit rate in a real-world problem.
397.SP.B.3Determine the number of data that lie between the means of two data sets.
407.EE.B.4Choose an expression that can be used to solve a real-world problem.

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