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Next Generation MCAS Tests 2023
Percent of Students at Each Achievement Level for A. Irvin Studley Elementary School

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GRADE 03 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS41442739375040916 6498 496N/AN/A52
GRADE 03 - MATHEMATICS454128433329392620 65100 491N/AN/A40
GRADE 04 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS57405551344143317 76100 500 53 7370
GRADE 04 - MATHEMATICS61455856372937918 75100 502 58 7165
GRADES 03 - 08 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS49424746354539619 14099 498 53 7362
GRADES 03 - 08 - MATHEMATICS544147503329411718 140100 497 58 7157

Click on any Grade and Subject rows in the table to view Achievement Level in graph.

Note: School achievement percentiles (1-99) compare each group’s average scaled score to the average scaled scores of the same group from all public schools across the state. Only students enrolled in the same school since October 1 are included in calculations, and groups with fewer than 10 students do not receive percentiles.

NOTE: Grade 10 STE results are reported based on students' best performance on any STE test taken in grade 9 or grade 10; only students continuously enrolled in the state, district, or school from fall of grade 9 through spring of grade 10 are included in state, district, or school results.

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