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2015 Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs)
Limited English Proficient Students

 AMAO Achieved?
AMAO 1: Progress in learning the English languageYes
Growth toward attaining English proficiency in a total of six years, based on matched student records for students who took Spring 2015 and the most recent ACCESS prior to 2015 Percentage of English Language Learners (ELLs) in grades K-12 who met their target student growth percentile on ACCESS (SGPA). For more information on how progress is measured, refer to
AMAO 2: Attainment of English language proficiencyYes
Attainment of English proficiency on Spring 2015 ACCESS for ELLs Percentage of grade K-12 ELLs who achieved a composite level of 5.0 or above on the spring 2015 ACCESS for ELLs; AND, district participation was 95% or above. For more information on how attainment is measured, please refer to
AMAO 3: cumulative Progress and Performance Index (PPI) for ELL/Former ELL subgroupYes
Performance of the ELL/Former ELL subgroup on general education assessments. Met Cumulative PPI target of 75 for the ELL/Former ELL subgroup AND at least 95% participation in content areas.* For consortia, see the accountability reports for each consortium member district. For more information, refer to
Cumulative PPI is a measure of the progress of a district in halving proficiency gaps over a six-year period that incorporates measures of achievement in English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, and science; growth in ELA and mathematics; graduation rates; and dropout rates. Cumulative PPI represents subgroup or aggregate performance over the past four years, with more credit given to more recent performance.80

*If the cumulative PPI is 75 or greater, but the "AMAO Achieved" column indicates "No", please check the participation rates for content areas. If the cumulative PPI is less than 75, but the "AMAO achieved" column indicates "yes" please see the Download PDF Document  Download MS WORD Document Guide to Understanding AMAOs 2014 and Beyond.

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