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2018 Item by Item Results for GRADE 06 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Number of Students Included: 358     Mode: Paper

1R.1.01Make an inference about characters using evidence from a passage.
2R.1.01Make an inference based on paragraphs from a passage.
3R.2.05Analyze how a section of a passage contributes to the development of characterization and plot.
4R.2.04Identify the tone of a passage based on a portion of the text.
5R.2.06Explain how a text feature helps to reveal the point of view of a character.
6L.3.04Determine the meaning of a word in context.
7R.1.03Analyze how a character changes throughout a passage and choose supporting evidence from the passage.
8Not AvailableWrite a narrative that retells the events of a passage from a secondary character's point of view.
9R.1.03Analyze how an author's word choice helps the reader to understand an individual in an article.
10R.1.01Make an inference based on particular portions of an article.
11R.2.04Analyze how figurative language contributes to an understanding of an article.
12L.3.04Determine the meaning of a phrase in context.
13R.3.08Identify a claim made in an article and select supporting evidence.
14R.2.05Determine the effect of a particular sentence structure in a portion of an excerpt.
15R.3.08Identify evidence that supports a claim made in an article.
16R.2.06Identify the purpose for writing an article and an excerpt.
17Not AvailableWrite an essay that explains an inspiration and a challenge for an individual in an article and an excerpt; use information from the article and the excerpt to support the explanation.
18R.2.04Determine how a phrase reveals aspects of a character in a passage.
19R.2.05Analyze how specific paragraphs from a passage contribute to the development of the plot.
20R.1.01Make an inference based on a specific section of the passage.
21R.1.02Determine how the symbolism of an object connects to a central idea.
22R.1.02Identify a central idea of a passage and choose supporting evidence from the passage.
23R.1.03Determine how a particular section of a poem develops a character and choose supporting evidence.
24R.2.04Determine the tone in a particular section of a poem.
25R.2.05Analyze how lines in a poem contribute to the development of the plot.
26Not AvailableWrite an essay that explains how a passage and a poem help a reader to understand an idea; use information from both the passage and the poem to support the explanation.
LA8.CONV1L.1.01Essay 8 Language ( conventions )
LA17.CONV2L.1.01Essay 17 Language ( conventions )
LA26.CONV3L.1.01Essay 26 Language ( conventions )
WR8.IDEA1W.1.03Essay 8 Writing ( idea development )
WR17.IDEA2W.1.02Essay 17 Writing ( idea development )
WR26.IDEA3W.1.02Essay 26 Writing ( idea development )

Notes: State results in grades 3 and 6 are based on students taking that mode and are not representative of the full state population.

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