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Educator Preparation Stakeholders Survey

In an effort to strengthen teaching and bolster student achievement in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) annually administers surveys to:
    1. Supervising practitioners who worked with a teacher candidate enrolled in a Massachusetts teacher preparation program,
    2. Hiring principals who hire teachers that have recently completed a teacher preparation program for Initial licensure,
    3. Individuals who completed a Massachusetts teacher preparation program, and
    4. Individuals who completed a Massachusetts teacher preparation program and completed their first year of teaching in a Massachusetts public school.

These surveys are intended to grant access to perceptions of teacher readiness in the Commonwealth to both preparation providers and the general public. Because data from these surveys is used for public transparency, as one source of evidence in DESE's educator preparation program reviews, and for the preparation providers themselves to inform their continuous improvement efforts, DESE is invested in the long-term development of statistically valid and reliable instruments.

Organization NameOrganization CodeGroupRespondentsFully ready [immediately impactful with students] % Mostly ready [able to successfully meet the needs of most students] % Moderately ready [needed additional support, training and coaching to be successful] % Minimally ready [limited success meeting the needs of students and improving outcomes] % Not ready [unable to meet the needs of students] %
Smith College30000047Supervising Practitioners7 14 43 29 14 0
Hiring Principals7 29 29 43 0 0
State Total00000000Supervising Practitioners818 55 28 12 3 2
Hiring Principals413 37 38 19 3 2

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