Educator Preparation Stakeholders Survey


In an effort to strengthen teaching and bolster student achievement in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) annually administers surveys to:
    1. Supervising practitioners who worked with a teacher candidate enrolled in a Massachusetts teacher preparation program,
    2. Hiring principals who hire teachers that have recently completed a teacher preparation program for Initial licensure,
    3. Individuals who completed a Massachusetts teacher preparation program, and
    4. Individuals who completed a Massachusetts teacher preparation program and completed their first year of teaching in a Massachusetts public school.

These surveys are intended to grant access to perceptions of teacher readiness in the Commonwealth to both preparation providers and the general public. Because data from these surveys is used for public transparency, as one source of evidence in DESE's educator preparation program reviews, and for the preparation providers themselves to inform their continuous improvement efforts, DESE is invested in the long-term development of statistically valid and reliable instruments.

Data was last updated on May 4, 2023.

Organization NameOrganization CodeGroupRespondentsFully ready [able to be immediately impactful with students] % Mostly ready [able to successfully meet the needs of most students] % Moderately ready [needs additional support, training, and coaching to be successful] % Minimally ready [limited success meeting the needs of students and improving outcomes] % Not ready [unable to meet the needs of students] %
American International College30000001Supervising Practitioners0-----
American International College30000001Hiring Principals20 45 35 10 10 0
Anna Maria College30000002Supervising Practitioners0-----
Anna Maria College30000002Hiring Principals2-----
Assumption University30000003Supervising Practitioners1-----
Assumption University30000003Hiring Principals7 71 29 0 0 0
Bay Path University30000005Supervising Practitioners0-----
Bay Path University30000005Hiring Principals10 80 10 10 0 0
Becker College30000006Supervising Practitioners0-----
Becker College30000006Hiring Principals0-----
Berklee College of Music30000007Supervising Practitioners3-----
Berklee College of Music30000007Hiring Principals1-----
Boston00350000Supervising Practitioners4-----
Boston00350000Hiring Principals0-----
Boston College30000008Supervising Practitioners0-----
Boston College30000008Hiring Principals2-----
Boston Conservatory30000009Supervising Practitioners0-----
Boston Conservatory30000009Hiring Principals0-----
Boston Teacher Residency20200013Supervising Practitioners0-----
Boston Teacher Residency20200013Hiring Principals0-----
Boston University30000010Supervising Practitioners2-----
Boston University30000010Hiring Principals9 44 44 11 0 0
Brandeis University30000011Supervising Practitioners0-----
Brandeis University30000011Hiring Principals2-----
Bridgewater State University30000012Supervising Practitioners35 57 26 14 3 0
Bridgewater State University30000012Hiring Principals23 43 35 17 4 0
Cambridge College30000013Supervising Practitioners2-----
Cambridge College30000013Hiring Principals2-----
Catherine Leahy Brine Educational Consultants, Inc.20200001Supervising Practitioners0-----
Catherine Leahy Brine Educational Consultants, Inc.20200001Hiring Principals7 100 0 0 0 0
Center for Behavioral Health, Equity and Leadership in Schools (BHELS)20200020Supervising Practitioners0-----
Center for Behavioral Health, Equity and Leadership in Schools (BHELS)20200020Hiring Principals0-----
City on a Hill Charter Public School (District)04370000Supervising Practitioners0-----
City on a Hill Charter Public School (District)04370000Hiring Principals1-----
Clark University30000014Supervising Practitioners0-----
Clark University30000014Hiring Principals3-----
Collaborative for Educational Services05320000Supervising Practitioners0-----
Collaborative for Educational Services05320000Hiring Principals4-----
College of the Holy Cross30000015Supervising Practitioners0-----
College of the Holy Cross30000015Hiring Principals2-----
Curry College30000016Supervising Practitioners0-----
Curry College30000016Hiring Principals1-----
Eastern Nazarene30000017Supervising Practitioners2-----
Eastern Nazarene30000017Hiring Principals1-----
Elms College30000018Supervising Practitioners0-----
Elms College30000018Hiring Principals2-----
Emerson College30000019Supervising Practitioners0-----
Emerson College30000019Hiring Principals0-----
Emmanuel College30000020Supervising Practitioners2-----
Emmanuel College30000020Hiring Principals3-----
Endicott College30000021Supervising Practitioners9 78 11 11 0 0
Endicott College30000021Hiring Principals10 40 30 30 0 0
Fitchburg State University30000022Supervising Practitioners6 67 33 0 0 0
Fitchburg State University30000022Hiring Principals23 35 48 13 4 0
Framingham State University30000023Supervising Practitioners7 86 0 14 0 0
Framingham State University30000023Hiring Principals6 67 17 17 0 0
Francis W. Parker Charter Essential (District)04780000Supervising Practitioners0-----
Francis W. Parker Charter Essential (District)04780000Hiring Principals0-----
French River Education Center20200005Supervising Practitioners0-----
French River Education Center20200005Hiring Principals0-----
Gordon College30000024Supervising Practitioners0-----
Gordon College30000024Hiring Principals8 88 13 0 0 0
Harvard Graduate School of Education30000026Supervising Practitioners0-----
Harvard Graduate School of Education30000026Hiring Principals3-----
Hellenic College30000027Supervising Practitioners0-----
Hellenic College30000027Hiring Principals0-----
High Meadows Graduate School of Teaching and Learning, Inc.20200025Supervising Practitioners1-----
High Meadows Graduate School of Teaching and Learning, Inc.20200025Hiring Principals0-----
Lasell University30000028Supervising Practitioners2-----
Lasell University30000028Hiring Principals1-----
Lesley University30000029Supervising Practitioners4-----
Lesley University30000029Hiring Principals7 57 14 14 14 0
Longy School of Music of Bard College30000066Supervising Practitioners0-----
Longy School of Music of Bard College30000066Hiring Principals0-----
Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents20200021Supervising Practitioners0-----
Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents20200021Hiring Principals0-----
Massachusetts College of Art30000030Supervising Practitioners5-----
Massachusetts College of Art30000030Hiring Principals0-----
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA)30000031Supervising Practitioners1-----
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA)30000031Hiring Principals6 17 33 33 0 17
Massachusetts School Administrators’ Association (MSAA)20200007Supervising Practitioners0-----
Massachusetts School Administrators’ Association (MSAA)20200007Hiring Principals0-----
Merrimack College30000036Supervising Practitioners5-----
Merrimack College30000036Hiring Principals12 75 25 0 0 0
MGH Institute of Health Professions30000033Supervising Practitioners0-----
MGH Institute of Health Professions30000033Hiring Principals0-----
Montserrat College of Art30000037Supervising Practitioners0-----
Montserrat College of Art30000037Hiring Principals0-----
Mount Holyoke College30000038Supervising Practitioners0-----
Mount Holyoke College30000038Hiring Principals1-----
Newton02070000Supervising Practitioners0-----
Newton02070000Hiring Principals0-----
Northeast Consortium for Staff Development (NCSD)20200008Supervising Practitioners0-----
Northeast Consortium for Staff Development (NCSD)20200008Hiring Principals0-----
Northeastern University30000042Supervising Practitioners4-----
Northeastern University30000042Hiring Principals1-----
Regis College30000044Supervising Practitioners0-----
Regis College30000044Hiring Principals0-----
Salem State University30000045Supervising Practitioners0-----
Salem State University30000045Hiring Principals18 44 33 17 0 6
Shady Hill00490925Supervising Practitioners0-----
Shady Hill00490925Hiring Principals1-----
Simmons University30000046Supervising Practitioners0-----
Simmons University30000046Hiring Principals3-----
Smith College30000047Supervising Practitioners0-----
Smith College30000047Hiring Principals2-----
Springfield College30000048Supervising Practitioners0-----
Springfield College30000048Hiring Principals3-----
Stonehill College30000049Supervising Practitioners1-----
Stonehill College30000049Hiring Principals4-----
Teach for America20200015Supervising Practitioners0-----
Teach for America20200015Hiring Principals4-----
Teach Western Mass20200026Supervising Practitioners0-----
Teach Western Mass20200026Hiring Principals2-----
The Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education, Inc.20200027Supervising Practitioners0-----
The Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education, Inc.20200027Hiring Principals1-----
The Reading Institute20200011Supervising Practitioners0-----
The Reading Institute20200011Hiring Principals0-----
The Teachers' Loft20200017Supervising Practitioners0-----
The Teachers' Loft20200017Hiring Principals0-----
Tufts University30000051Supervising Practitioners0-----
Tufts University30000051Hiring Principals0-----
UMass/Amherst30000052Supervising Practitioners0-----
UMass/Amherst30000052Hiring Principals7 57 14 14 14 0
UMass/Boston30000053Supervising Practitioners7 71 0 29 0 0
UMass/Boston30000053Hiring Principals7 14 43 14 29 0
UMass/Dartmouth30000054Supervising Practitioners5-----
UMass/Dartmouth30000054Hiring Principals3-----
UMass/Lowell30000055Supervising Practitioners6 50 33 17 0 0
UMass/Lowell30000055Hiring Principals5-----
Wellesley College30000056Supervising Practitioners0-----
Wellesley College30000056Hiring Principals1-----
Western New England University30000057Supervising Practitioners0-----
Western New England University30000057Hiring Principals0-----
Westfield State University30000058Supervising Practitioners5-----
Westfield State University30000058Hiring Principals8 50 38 0 13 0
Wheaton College30000059Supervising Practitioners0-----
Wheaton College30000059Hiring Principals0-----
Worcester Polytechnic Institute30000062Supervising Practitioners0-----
Worcester Polytechnic Institute30000062Hiring Principals1-----
Worcester State University30000063Supervising Practitioners6 50 33 17 0 0
Worcester State University30000063Hiring Principals9 22 33 44 0 0
State Total00000000Supervising Practitioners125 62 25 11 2 1
State Total00000000Hiring Principals259 48 33 13 5 2