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2013 Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs)
for English Language Learners

 AMAO Achieved?
AMAO 1: Progress in learning the English languageNo
Matched student records - Spring 2012 MEPA and Spring 2013 ACCESS for ELLs Percentage of English Langauge Learners (ELLs) in grades K-12 who show progress from Spring 2012 on the MEPA to Spring 2013 on the ACCESS for ELLs. For more information on how progress is measured, please refer to
AMAO 2: Attainment of English language proficiencyYes
Spring 2013 ACCESS for ELLs* Percentage of grade K-12 ELLs who achieved a composite level of 5.0 or above on the spring 2013 ACCESS for ELLs. For more information on how attainment is measured, please refer to
AMAO 3: Progress in subject matter content (English Language Arts, Mathematics, and ScienceYes
AMAO 3 reflects progress in general education curriculum, as measured in the spring 2013 MCAS 2013 determinations for all grades combined for the ELL/Former ELL subgroup. For consortia, see the accountability reports for each consortia member district. For more information, please refer to
Cumulative PPI is a measure of progress toward halving proficiency gaps over a six-year period that incorporates measures of achievement in English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, and science, growth in ELA and mathematics, graduation rates, and dropout rates. Cumulative PPI represents a group’s performance over multiple years, with more credit is given to more recent performance.86

*Please see the Download PDF Document  Download MS WORD Document Guide to Understanding the 2013 AMAOs for information about changes to AMAO 2 in the 2013 school year.

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