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2016-17 - Educator Evaluation Performance Rating for Mohawk Trail

During this school year, districts were required to implement educator evaluation systems aligned to the Educator Evaluation framework with all educators district-wide. Please note that some district and school data are not shown due to confidentiality reasons. In instances where a rating cell is blank or shows a dash, ESE has suppressed data due to one of the following reasons: (1) the number of staff evaluated was fewer than 6, (2) all staff evaluated in the group received the same rating, (3) all educators were evaluated and a single educator had a rating different from all other educators with the same rating in the group, (4) if the 'Administrators' or 'Teachers' row is suppressed, all group rows are suppressed with the exception of 'All Educators', or (5) if either the 'Teachers-Professional Status' or 'Teachers-Non-Professional Status' row is suppressed, both rows are suppressed.

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All Educators 114 107 93.9 12.1 79.4 8.4 0.0
Administrators 11 11 100.0 18.2 81.8 0.0 0.0
Teachers 90 87 96.7 12.6 78.2 9.2 0.0
Teachers-Professional Status 59 57 96.6 17.5 78.9 3.5 0.0
Teachers-Non-Professional Status 31 30 96.8 3.3 76.7 20.0 0.0

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