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Foxborough Regional Charter (District)

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CCTE Region:  Greater Boston

Chapter 74 Programs (Y/N):  No

Charter School Type:  Commonwealth

District Operating Status:  Operating

District Title I Status:  Title I District

Early College Promise:   not applicable

Mass District Type:  Independent Public including Charters

Mission Statement:  Foxborough Regional Charter School will provide students a challenging academic program to prepare them for college by stressing achievement, discipline, hard work and accountability. We will continually challenge all of our students, regardless of ability, so that we will lead the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in all statewide standards and assessments. Foxborough Regional Charter School will promote positive ethical, moral, and civic values and prepare students to serve their respective communities as leaders and good citizens. We will present students with projects and issues requiring critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and real-life applications of their academic studies through our Student Life and Community Service Learning programs which are integral components of the overall educational experience at Foxborough Regional Charter School. Foxborough Regional Charter School will commit itself to providing a supportive, professional, and challenging environment for its teachers and staff which recognizes the value of professional development, creativity, and initiative. We will constantly seek new ways to allow our teachers and staff to perform to the best of their potential in a collegial atmosphere which recognizes unique talents and the commitment to excel.

Non-Chapter 74 Programs (Y/N):  No

School Year End Date (MM/DD):  06/18

School Year Start Date (MM/DD):  9/1

NCES ID:  2500052

Organization Description:  The Foxborough Regional Charter School seeks to provide students an outstanding academic program that prepares students for college in a challenging and stimulating learning environment that instills positive ethical, moral and civic values and prepares students to serve their community as leaders and exemplary citizens.