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Sponsoring Organization Completers Educator Evaluation Performance

This report provides the educator evaluation summative performance ratings for completers who were employed in a Massachusetts public school in the report year selected, who completed their program within the specified time period. The data is presented here in the aggregate by Sponsoring Organization (SO). Ratings are included for the SO’s top employing districts for comparison. District averages include teachers (with and without PTS status) and principals. To see district results by all educators, administrators, teachers, teachers Non-PTS and teachers –PTS, see the Educator Evaluation Performance Statewide Report. Educator evaluation performance is determined by matching program completers reported by preparation program providers with educator evaluation data collected from districts in the Education Personnel Information Management System (EPIMS).

During the 2016-2017 school year, districts were required to implement educator evaluation systems aligned to the Educator Evaluation framework with all educators district-wide. In instances where a cell is blank, ESE has suppressed data due to one of the following reasons: (1) the number of staff evaluated was fewer than 6, (2) all staff evaluated in the group received the same rating, (3) all educators were evaluated and a single educator had a rating different from all other educators with the same rating in the group, (4) if the 'Administrators' or 'Teachers' row is suppressed, all group rows are suppressed with the exception of 'All Educators', or (5) if either the 'Teachers-Professional Status' or 'Teachers-Non-Professional Status' row is suppressed, both rows are suppressed.

Note: To change the report year, please change the year in the upper left corner of the page. The report year represents the year the educator evaluation rating was received. So, if you are looking at completers who completed between 2013 and 2016, and you select report year 2017, you are looking at the completers’ ratings in the 2016-2017 school year.

Data last updated November 2, 2023

Completers Performance for MA Evaluation Year 2022
UMass/Lowell Administrators 4 1
UMass/Lowell Teachers 43 29 67.4 6.9 86.2 6.9 0.0
UMass/Lowell All Educators 47 30 63.8 6.7 86.7 6.7 0.0
State Total Administrators 146 66 45.2 9.1 86.4 4.5 0.0
State Total Teachers 2,756 1,949 70.7 5.5 86.8 7.5 0.3
State Total All Educators 2,902 2,015 69.4 5.6 86.7 7.4 0.2

Data last updated November 2, 2023

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