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Below is a list of the Massachusetts public school districts, charter schools or collaboratives identified as partner organizations along with a description of the partnerships. All information is reported by the educator preparation program provider.

Partnership TypeOrganizations
Public Districts Boston (00350000)
Cambridge (00490000)
Chelsea (00570000)
Malden (01650000)
Milton (01890000)
Newton (02070000)
Quincy (02430000)
Somerville (02740000)
Watertown (03140000)
Wellesley (03170000)
Regional School Districts Lincoln-Sudbury (06950000)
Charter Districts Academy Of the Pacific Rim Charter Public (District) (04120000)
Boston Collegiate Charter (District) (04490000)
City On A Hill Charter Public (District) (04370000)
Codman Academy Charter Public (District) (04380000)
Community Charter School of Cambridge (District) (04360000)
Conservatory Lab Charter (District) (04390000)
KIPP Academy Lynn Charter (District) (04290000)
Neighborhood House Charter (District) (04440000)
Phoenix Charter Academy (District) (04930000)
Prospect Hill Academy Charter (District) (04870000)
UP Academy Charter School of Boston (District) (04800000)

Partnership Description:
To support our mission, HGSE partners with organizations that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in American PreK?12 education. The partners include school systems, nonprofit organizations, mission-based for-profit organizations, and government agencies, all pursuing a common goal of ensuring that every child has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. We expect to learn from and with partner organizations as we share practice and knowledge and build a network of organizations that together will contribute to the transformation of education.

Partnership examples include collaboratively developed field based experiences for pre-service candidates, projects that partner with school districts and agencies around the world, using data analysis to help improve policy and management decisions within schools and districts, to conducting groundbreaking research in vital teaching and policy areas. This research is not done in a vacuum as new strategies and methods are tested and refined in school districts throughout the nation as faculty members and partners collaborate to seek multi-disciplinary solutions to educational problems.