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Admissions Requirements

Below is a summary of admissions requirements for educator preparation programs at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels followed by a more detailed description of admissions requirements. All information is reported by the educator preparation provider.

Summary of Admissions Requirements - 2017
Background check N/A No
Essay or personal statement N/A Yes
Fingerprint check N/A No
Interview N/A No
Minimum ACT score N/A N/A
Minimum GPA N/A Yes
Minimum GPA in content area coursework N/A Yes
Minimum GPA in professional education coursework N/A Yes
Minimum SAT score N/A N/A
Minimum basic skills test score N/A Yes
Minimum number of courses/credits/semester hours completed N/A No
Recommendation(s) N/A Yes
Subject area/academic content test or other subject matter verification N/A Yes
Transcript N/A Yes
Other N/A No