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Bridgewater State University

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Below is a list of the Massachusetts public school districts, charter schools or collaboratives identified as partner organizations along with a description of the partnerships. All information is reported by the educator preparation program provider.

Partnership TypeOrganizations
Public Districts Boston (00350000)
Brockton (00440000)
East Bridgewater (00830000)
Easton (00880000)
Foxborough (00990000)
Mansfield (01670000)
New Bedford (02010000)
Norton (02180000)
Sharon (02660000)
Stoughton (02850000)
Taunton (02930000)
West Bridgewater (03230000)
Agricultural/Vocational Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical (08720000)
Regional School Districts Bridgewater-Raynham (06250000)

Partnership Description:
[]Bridgewater State University collaborates with three of the urban school districts within the University's service region on professional development school partnerships. Current PDSs include: The Edgar Davis and the Huntington Schools in Brockton; the Ashley and Lincoln Schools in New Bedford; and East Taunton Elementary School. BSU has recently also entered into a partnership agreement with Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School.
BSU also works with several schools systems and other IHEs on the Bridge Partnership. The Bridge program is a two week residential program for middle school students to participate in academic, social and creative activities with a focus on STEM activities and MCAS improvement.
BSU is also home of the MA Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) which provides professional development to students, teachers and administrators around the issue of bullying. MARC has provided programming for over 200 pk-12 schools in the last three years.