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Annual Goals

This report lists the annual improvement goals reported to ESE in the educator preparation program provider’s state annual report. Providers may report up to three goals for the upcoming year and are asked to report on progress made toward the prior year’s goals. Annual goals are reported in May of the academic year listed.

Annual Goals - 2018
Goal #1 Develop and implement a STEM concentration option for elementary teacher candidates to prepare our teacher candidates for the needs of the field.
Goal #2 Create an Assumption Advisory Council with our school district partners to support our teacher candidate preparation through additional input from the field.
Goal #3 Design and implement a partner survey to better assess our program.

Annual Goals - 2017
Goal #1 Assumption College seeks new or continued partnerships with area k-12 districts to better prepare our teacher candidates.
Goal #2 Assumption seeks to implement additional field-based coursework for our secondary education majors.
Goal #3 Assumption College seeks to prepare for full implementation of CAP.

Progress Toward Goals - 2017
Goal #1 Using our ESE grant, we successfully established a formal partnership with West Boylston Public Schools.
Goal #2 We successfully implemented additional field work (pre-practicum) requirements for our middle/secondary education candidates. Our elementary and secondary programs are now aligned in the number of required pre-practicum hours.
Goal #3 We successfully implemented CAP for all our teacher candidates enrolled in practicum.

Annual Goals - 2016
Goal #1 Successful faculty search for the Assistant Professor of Special Education position
Goal #2 Successful search for the Director of School Counseling Program position
Goal #3 Effective transition to CAP and full integration of the new PST

Progress Toward Goals - 2016
Goal #1 We successfully hired a new full-time, tenure track faculty member in Special Education
Goal #2 We successfully hired a new full-time, School Counseling Director
Goal #3 We fully implemented the new PSTs and successfully piloted CAP during spring 2016.