2017-18 Student Restraints Report - All Schools


The Student Restraint Report documents instances in which students in Massachusetts public schools, public school collaboratives, and approved day and residential special education schools were restrained by staff during school hours, as reported by each school. The Department is making these data public to help increase the understanding of how restraints are used in Massachusetts, but the Department does not encourage comparison between schools.
Please Note: ESE collects enrollment data for public schools and approved private schools, but not for collaboratives or approved private programs, which in this chart have blank cells in their enrollment column. Schools are not listed here if they or their district on their behalf certified to the Department that they did not have any restraints. Data in this report are suppressed (dash in the cells) when: Fewer than 6 students were restrained or the number of injuries to staff or students is between 1 and 5. District-level data are not available for this report at this time. For additional details please see more about the data. For more information please contact individual districts, schools, and programs.

Data was last updated on September 20, 2018.

District/School NameSchool CodeEnrollment# of Students RestrainedTotal # of RestraintsTotal # of injuries
Abington - Woodsdale Elementary School00010015319---
Abington - Beaver Brook Elementary00010020424---
JRI The Victor School - JRI The Victor School Program50490501---
Acushnet - Acushnet Elementary School00030025550---
Amesbury - Amesbury Elementary00070005395---
Amesbury - Charles C Cashman Elementary00070010443---
Amesbury - Amesbury Middle00070013677---
Amherst - Crocker Farm Elementary00080009408---
Amherst - Fort River Elementary00080020335129511
Amherst - Wildwood Elementary000800504037250
Andover - Bancroft Elementary00090003578---
Arlington - Cyrus E Dallin00100025481---
Arlington - M Norcross Stratton00100055402---
Arlington - Ottoson Middle001004101,258---
Dearborn Academy School - Dearborn Academy Day Program50850101---
Germaine Lawrence School (Youth Villages) - Germaine Lawrence Residential Program (Youth Villages)50380101---
Ashland - William Pittaway Elementary00140005127---
Ashland - Henry E Warren Elementary00140010612---
Attleboro - A. Irvin Studley Elementary School001600013847250
Attleboro - Hyman Fine Elementary School00160040483---
Attleboro - Hill-Roberts Elementary School001600454588670
Attleboro - Peter Thacher Elementary School0016005042010250
Attleboro - Robert J. Coelho Middle School00160305664---
Attleboro - Cyril K. Brennan Middle School00160315582---
Attleboro - Attleboro High001605051,703---
Auburn - Bryn Mawr00170010299---
Auburn - Pakachoag School00170025301---
Auburn - Swanson Road Intermediate School00170030577---
Avon - Ralph D Butler00180010414---
Barnstable - West Barnstable Elementary00200005260---
Barnstable - Centerville Elementary00200010259---
Barnstable - Hyannis West Elementary00200025334---
Barnstable - West Villages Elementary School00200045431---
Barnstable - Barnstable United Elementary School00200050857---
Barnstable - Barnstable Intermediate School00200315737---
Bedford - Lt Elezer Davis002300105976190
Bedford - Lt Job Lane School00230012609---
Belchertown - Chestnut Hill Community School00240006554---
Belchertown - Swift River Elementary00240018467---
Bellingham - South Elementary002500203356100
Bellingham - Stall Brook00250025322---
Bellingham - Bellingham Memorial School00250315719---
Arlington School - Arlington Day Program50640101---
CNS/Pathways Academy - Center for Neuronintegrative Services (CNS Pathways Academy) Program50640201---
Berkley - Berkley Community School00270010529---
Berlin - Berlin Memorial00280005183---
Beverly - Centerville Elementary00300010362---
Beverly - Cove Elementary00300015492---
Hopeful Journeys Educational Center - Hopeful Journeys Educational Center00005415389170
Children's Center for Communication School - Children's Center for Communication Day Program51090101---
Children's Center for Communication School - Beverly School for the Deaf Day Program51090102---
Billerica Public Schools - Ditson Elementary School00310005536---
Billerica Public Schools - Dutile Elementary School00310007273---
Billerica Public Schools - Hajjar Elementary School003100264626520
Billerica Public Schools - Vining Elementary School0031003019571950
Boston - Lee Academy00350001223---
Boston - Lyon K-8 School0035000413111530
Boston - Boston Teachers Union K-8 Pilot00350012287---
Boston - Jackson/Mann K-8 School00350013656---
Boston - Curley K-8 School00350020944---
Boston - Taylor Elementary00350054527---
Boston - Guild Elementary00350062295---
Boston - Alighieri Dante Montessori School0035006692---
Boston - Ellis Elementary00350072457---
Boston - McKay K-8 School00350080778---
Boston - Mendell Elementary00350100267---
Boston - Holmes Elementary00350138347---
Boston - Condon K-800350146905---
Boston - UP Academy Holland003501677621942-
Boston - Harvard/Kent Elementary00350200473---
Boston - Mozart Elementary00350237179---
Boston - Murphy K-8 School00350240941---
Boston - Orchard Gardens K-8 School00350257905---
Boston - Ohrenberger School00350258648---
Boston - Dever Elementary003502683569160
Boston - Bates Elementary00350278262---
Boston - Greenwood Sarah K-8 School00350308402---
Boston - Gardner Pilot Academy00350326401---
Boston - Kenny Elementary00350328325---
Boston - Warren/Prescott K-8 School00350346602---
Boston - William McKinley00350363355711-
Boston - Edison K-8 School003503756351841-
Boston - Higginson/Lewis K-800350377308---
Boston - Mildred Avenue K-8 School00350378550---
Boston - Young Achievers K-8 School00350380565---
Boston - Mission Hill K-8 School00350382241---
Boston - Henderson K-12 Inclusion School Upper00350426606---
Boston - Edwards Middle School00350430306---
Boston - Excel High School00350522491---
Boston - Madison Park Technical Vocational High00350537859---
Boston - Boston Arts Academy00350546469---
Boston - Boston Community Leadership Academy00350558474---
Boston - Urban Science Academy00350579392---
Boston - Community Academy of Science and Health00350581389---
Boston - TechBoston Academy 6-1200350657917---
Boston - Snowden International High School00350690444---
Boston - Hernandez K-800350691389---
Compass School - Compass Summer Program50240001---
Compass School - Compass Day Treatment & Education Program5024010140195-
Compass School - Compass Short Term Crisis Day Program502401029300
Italian Home For Children - Italian Home for Children Day Program5046010110420
Manville School0035076811064662-
Seaport Academy School - Seaport Campus Day Program50850201---
Bourne - Bournedale Elementary School00360005449---
Bourne - Peebles Elementary School00360010339---
Bourne - Bourne Middle School00360325683---
Boxford - Harry Lee Cole00380005331---
Boxford - Spofford Pond00380013388---
Boylston - Boylston Elementary00390005299---
Braintree - Monatiquot Kindergarten Center00400009250---
Braintree - Mary E Flaherty School00400020377---
Latham School - Latham Intensive Residential Program5054010121238-
Brimfield - Brimfield Elementary00430005286---
Brockton - Dr W Arnone Community School004400017366100
Brockton - Manthala George Jr. School00440003920---
Brockton - John F Kennedy00440017587---
Brockton - Gilmore Elementary School00440055558---
Brockton - Louis F Angelo Elementary00440065916---
Brockton - Oscar F Raymond00440078912---
Brockton - Downey00440110629---
Brockton - Joseph F Plouffe Elementary00440120---
Brockton - Huntington Therapeutic Day School00440400581116-
Brockton - East Middle School00440405481---
Brockton - North Middle School004404106298150
Brockton - South Middle School00440415489---
Brockton - West Middle School0044042063712260
Brockton - Brockton Champion High School00441004---
May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders Residential (Brockton) - The May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders - Brockton Day50620301---
May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders Residential (Brockton) - The May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders - Brockton Residential506203021385-
Brookfield - Brookfield Elementary00450005311---
Brookline - Edith C Baker00460005762---
Brookline - Edward Devotion004600158011157-
Brookline - Michael Driscoll00460020629---
Brookline - Heath00460025565---
Brookline - Lawrence00460030722---
Ivy Street School - Ivy Street Day Program50590102---
Walker Beacon School - Walker Beacon Day Program50930101---
Burlington - Fox Hill00480007399---
Burlington - Pine Glen Elementary00480020310---
Burlington - Francis Wyman Elementary004800355396460
Cambridge - Maria L. Baldwin004900053649330
Cambridge - Cambridgeport00490007342---
Cambridge - Kennedy-Longfellow00490040293---
Canton - Rodman Early Childhood Center0050001088---
Canton - Lt Peter M Hansen00500012475---
Canton - John F Kennedy00500017530---
Judge Rotenberg School - Judge Rotenberg Residential Program5048010183129
Carlisle - Carlisle School00510025606---
Lighthouse School - Lighthouse Comprehensive Day School50570101911,3440
Chelsea - Shurtleff Early Childhood00570003869---
Chelsea - Edgar A Hooks Elementary00570030590---
Chelsea - Clark Avenue School00570050554---
Chelsea - Joseph A. Browne School00570055615---
Chelsea - Chelsea High005705051,538---
Chicopee - Barry00610003399---
Chicopee - Belcher00610010271728-
Chicopee - Bowe00610015478---
Chicopee - Bowie00610020333---
Chicopee - Litwin00610022418---
Chicopee - Lambert-Lavoie006100403171021-
Chicopee - Fairview Elementary00610050461---
Chicopee - Streiber Memorial School00610065279---
Chicopee - Gen John J Stefanik00610090403---
Chicopee - Dupont Middle00610310750---
Chicopee - Chicopee High00610505950---
Valley West School - Valley West Day Program5091010126340
Valley West School - Valley West Summer Program50910102---
Cohasset - Joseph Osgood00650010346---
JRI Meadowridge Walden Street School - JRI Meadowridge Walden Street Campus50560201---
Danvers - Willis E Thorpe00710045310---
Danvers - Holten Richmond Middle School00710305824---
Dartmouth - Andrew B. Cushman School00720005140---
Dartmouth - Joseph Demello00720015432---
Dartmouth - James M. Quinn School00720040634---
Dedham - Avery00730010321---
Dedham - Dedham Middle School00730305603---
Douglas - Douglas Primary School00770005224---
Douglas - Douglas Elementary School00770015375---
Douglas - Douglas High School00770505382---
Dover - Chickering00780005492---
Dracut - Greenmont Avenue00790030294---
Dracut - George H. Englesby Elementary School00790045515---
Dracut - Justus C. Richardson Middle School00790410877---
Duxbury - Alden School00820004676---
East Bridgewater - Central00830005601---
High Road School of Massachusetts - High Road Day Program50120101---
Easthampton - Center School00860005197---
Easthampton - Neil A Pepin00860020180---
Tri-County Schools - Northeast Center Day Program507201012531529
East Longmeadow - Mapleshade00870010282---
East Longmeadow - Mountain View00870015293---
Edgartown - Edgartown Elementary00890005341---
Everett - Madeline English School00930018832---
Everett - George Keverian School00930028862---
Everett - Devens School0093003056680
Fairhaven - East Fairhaven00940010419---
Fairhaven - Leroy Wood00940030511---
Fall River Public Schools - Frank M. Silvia Elementary School009500057701141-
Fall River Public Schools - Carlton Viveiros Elementary School0095000973914280
Fall River Public Schools - Mary Fonseca Elementary School0095001170934107-
Fall River Public Schools - Henry Lord Community School00950017651121480
Fall River Public Schools - John J. Doran School0095004552525550
Fall River Public Schools - William S. Greene Elementary School0095006574912260
Fall River Public Schools - Spencer Borden Elementary School0095013058411460
Fall River Public Schools - James Tansey Elementary School00950140315---
Fall River Public Schools - Samuel Watson Elementary School00950145291---
Fall River Public Schools - Matthew J. Kuss Middle School00950320750---
Fall River Public Schools - Stone PK-12 School00950340392250-
Fall River Public Schools - B.M.C. Durfee High School009505052,112---
Saint Vincent's School - Saint Vincent's Day Program50840102---
Falmouth - East Falmouth Elementary00960005264610-
Falmouth - Teaticket00960015365---
Falmouth - Lawrence00960405599---
Fitchburg - Reingold Elementary0097004366519970
Fitchburg - South Street Elementary00970060666---
Fitchburg - Arthur M Longsjo Middle School00970315590---
Foxborough - Mabelle M Burrell00990015317---
Foxborough - Vincent M Igo Elementary00990020393---
Foxborough - Charles Taylor Elementary00990050237---
Framingham - Blocks Pre-School @ King01000003---
Framingham - Charlotte A Dunning01000007471---
Framingham - Barbieri Elementary01000035681---
Framingham - Mary E Stapleton Elementary0100004536913210
Framingham - Miriam F McCarthy School01000050564---
Framingham - Woodrow Wilson01000055566924-
Framingham - Fuller Middle01000305501---
The Learning Center for the Deaf School - TLCD Marie Philip Intensive Day Program50560202---
The Learning Center for the Deaf School - TLCD Marie Philip Walden School Residential Program50560204827-
Franklin - Franklin Early Childhood Development Center01010003104---
Franklin - Jefferson Elementary01010010336---
Franklin - Helen Keller Elementary01010012402---
Franklin - Oak Street Elementary01010030390---
Franklin - Parmenter01010032323---
Crystal Springs School010208054584511
Whitney Academy School - Whitney Academy Intensive Residential Program509501011372-
Gardner - Elm Street School01030001552---
Gardner - Gardner Middle School010304055437270
Gloucester - Beeman Memorial01070010339---
Gloucester - Veterans Memorial01070045207---
Gloucester - West Parish01070050356---
Grafton - North Grafton Elementary01100025254---
Grafton - North Street Elementary School01100030584---
Grafton - Grafton High School01100505835---
Granby - West Street01110010212---
Granby - Granby Jr Sr High School01110505341---
Greenfield - The Academy of Early Learning at North Parish01140005117929-
Greenfield - Federal Street School01140010247---
Greenfield - Discovery School at Four Corners01140025252---
Greenfield - Greenfield Middle01140305379---
Greenfield - Greenfield High01140505462---
Hadley - Hadley Elementary01170015287---
Hanover - Sylvester01220015229---
Cardinal Cushing Centers School - Hanover - Cardinal Cushing Centers Day Program5013010119680
Harvard - Hildreth Elementary School01250005440---
Haverhill - Golden Hill01280026497---
Haverhill - Caleb Dustin Hunking School012800301,0271079-
Haverhill - Haverhill Alternative School012800334615750
Haverhill - Caleb Dustin Hunking01280035---
Haverhill - Dr Paul Nettle01280050500---
Haverhill - Pentucket Lake Elementary01280054504---
Haverhill - TEACH01280073502898-
Haverhill - Tilton012800755376910
Haverhill - Consentino Middle School01280100976---
Holliston - Miller School01360007685---
Holliston - Placentino Elementary01360010746920-
Holliston - Robert H. Adams Middle School01360305677---
Holyoke - LAWRENCE0136007023143-
Holyoke - MCMAHON01370015419---
Holyoke - MORGAN01370025416---
Holyoke - William R. Peck School0137003033924222-
Holyoke - KELLY01370040562---
Holyoke - EN WHITE01370045502924-
Holyoke - Lt Clayre Sullivan Elementary01370055541---
Holyoke - DONAHUE01370060462923-
N.E.A.R.I. School - NEARI Day Program5068010114108-
Experiment with Travel School - Experiment With Travel Day Program50820101---
The Center School - The Center School Day Program51060101515290
Springdale Education Center School - Springdale Education Center Day Program51080001282649
Hudson - Mulready Elementary01410007236---
Hudson - Forest Avenue Elementary01410015354---
Hudson - C A Farley01410030461627-
The Darnell School for Educational and Behavioral Service - The Darnell School for Educational and Behavioral Services Day Program510110018319-
Hull - Lillian M Jacobs01420015410---
Kingston - Kingston Intermediate01450020573---
Dr Franklin Perkins School - Doctor Franklin Perkins Day Program5030010138176-
Dr Franklin Perkins School - Doctor Franklin Perkins Residential Program5030010212113-
RFK Lancaster School - Lancaster Residential Program50820201---
RFK Lancaster School - Lancaster Day Program50820202221620
Lanesborough - Lanesborough Elementary01480005210---
Lawrence - Rollins Early Childhood Center01490001190---
Lawrence - John Breen School01490003335---
Lawrence - Community Day Arlington01490009587---
Lawrence - Lawrence Family Public Academy01490011212---
Lawrence - Arlington Middle School01490017586---
Lawrence - Robert Frost01490018590---
Lawrence - Guilmette Middle School01490025486---
Lawrence - Parthum Middle School01490027581---
Lawrence - UP Academy Oliver Middle School01490049343---
Lawrence - John R Rollins01490055---
Lawrence - Emily G Wetherbee01490080700---
Lawrence - UP Academy Leonard Middle School01490090297---
Lawrence - School for Exceptional Studies01490537150292160
Lee - Lee Elementary01500025343---
Leicester - Leicester Memorial Elementary01510005333---
Leicester - Leicester Primary School01510010363---
McAuley Nazareth School - McAuley Nazareth Day Program50630001---
McAuley Nazareth School - McAuley Nazareth Residential Program50630101866-
Lenox - Morris01520015311---
Hillcrest Educational Centers School - Hillcrest Housatonic Academy Program50420001264280
Hillcrest Educational Centers School - Hillcrest Intensive Residential Treatment Program50420101---
Hillcrest Educational Centers School - Hillcrest Residential Program5042010212860
Hillcrest Educational Centers School - Hillcrest Autism Spectrum Disorder Residential Program50420103136170
Lexington - Bridge01550006572---
Lexington - Joseph Estabrook01550010572---
Lexington - Maria Hastings01550035466---
Community Therapeutic School - Community Therapeutic Day Program502501019370
Cotting School - Cotting Day Program50260101---
Lincoln - Hanscom Primary01570006332---
Littleton - Shaker Lane Elementary01580005447---
Littleton - Russell St Elementary01580015386---
Littleton - Littleton High School01580505463---
JRI Meadowridge Littleton Academy School - JRI Meadowridge Littleton Academy Campus504901028790
Longmeadow - Wolf Swamp Road01590025404---
Willie Ross School for the Deaf - Willie Ross School for the Deaf Day Program50960101---
Lowell - Dr Gertrude Bailey01600002488---
Lowell - Pyne Arts01600018490---
Lowell - Abraham Lincoln01600020487---
Lowell - Pawtucketville Memorial016000365117310
Lowell - Peter W Reilly01600040542---
Lowell - John J Shaughnessy01600050462---
Lowell - Washington01600055248---
Lowell - S Christa McAuliffe Elementary01600075483---
Lowell - Charlotte M Murkland Elementary0160008050110220
Lowell - Laura Lee Therapeutic Day School01600085237200
Lowell - Bartlett Community Partnership01600090521---
Lowell - B.F. Butler Middle School01600310534711-
Lowell - Leblanc Therapeutic Day School01600320368120
Lowell - James Sullivan Middle School01600340643---
Lowell - Dr An Wang School016003456926420
Lowell - Kathryn P. Stoklosa Middle School01600360684---
Lowell - Lowell Day School on Broadway016006052671670
Lowell - ABE Program @ Lincoln School01601003---
Ludlow - East Street Elementary School01610010401---
Ludlow - East Street01610015---
Lunenburg - Lunenburg Primary School01620010394---
Lunenburg - Turkey Hill Elementary School01620025373---
Lunenburg - Lunenburg Middle School01620305423---
Lynn - Hood01630055487---
Lynn - Capt William G Shoemaker01630090329784-
Lynn - Classical High016305051,663---
Malden Public Schools - Ferryway School01650013875---
Malden Public Schools - Linden School016500478718480
Malden Public Schools - Salemwood School016500571,217---
Mansfield - Jordan/Jackson Elementary01670014787---
Amego School - Amego Residential Program50010101221,49610
Amego School - Amego Day Program5001010215623-
Marblehead - Malcolm L Bell01680005273---
Marblehead - Village School01680016636---
Marblehead - Glover01680020370---
Marion - Sippican01690005454---
Marlborough - Early Childhood Center01700006174---
Marlborough - Francis J Kane017000086181084-
Marlborough - Richer01700025604---
Marlborough - Charles Jaworek School0170003076115123-
Marlborough - 1 LT Charles W. Whitcomb School017000451,308---
Wayside Academy School - Wayside Academy Day Program509401019120
JRI Meadowridge van der Kolk Center, Glenhaven Academy School - JRI Meadowridge van der Kolk Center, Glenhaven Academy Campus504903018220
Marshfield - Gov Edward Winslow01710020413---
Marshfield - Martinson Elementary01710025430---
Mashpee - Quashnet School01720035485---
Maynard - Green Meadow0174001048611380
Maynard - Fowler School01740305522849-
Medfield - Memorial School01750003436625-
Medfield - Ralph Wheelock School01750007378---
Medfield - Medfield Senior High01750505828---
Medford - Christopher Columbus01760140377---
Medford - Milton Fuller Roberts Jr01760305---
Medway - John D Mc Govern Elementary01770013335---
Medway - Burke/Memorial Elementary School01770015505---
Melrose - Lincoln01780020421---
Methuen - Marsh Grammar School018100301,199---
Methuen - Tenney Grammar School018100551,354---
Methuen - Donald P Timony Grammar018100601,3521572-
Saint Ann's Home School - Saint Ann's Home Day Program508301012475-
Saint Ann's Home School - Saint Ann's Home Residential Program50830102361160
Saint Ann's Home School - Saint Ann's Home Summer Program50830103---
Middleborough - Henry B. Burkland Elementary School01820008561---
Middleborough - Mary K. Goode Elementary School01820010592---
Middleborough - Memorial Early Childhood Center01820011291---
Middleborough - Middleborough High01820505718---
F. L. Chamberlain School - Chamberlain International Residential Program50340101---
JRI Anchor Academy School - Middleborough - JRI Anchor Academy Day Program - Middleborough50490701---
Middleton - Fuller Meadow01840003228---
Middleton - Howe-Manning01840005459---
Milford - Memorial01850010469613-
Milford - Brookside01850065476612-
Milford - Shining Star Early Childhood Center01850075144---
Milford - Woodland0185009096510228
Milford - Stacy Middle01850305980---
Evergreen Center School - Evergreen Center for Basic Skills Residential Program50330101561,466-
Evergreen Center School - Evergreen Center for Behavior Development Residential Program50330102241,221-
Millbury - Elmwood Street01860017580---
Millbury - Raymond E. Shaw Elementary01860025436---
Millbury - Millbury Junior/Senior High01860505718---
Millis - Clyde F Brown01870005502---
Milton - Glover01890010586---
Monson - Quarry Hill Community School01910025393---
Monson - Monson High School01910505258---
Nahant - Johnson01960010147---
Nantucket - Nantucket Elementary01970005363---
Nantucket - Nantucket Intermediate School01970020375---
Natick - Bennett-Hemenway019800055949159-
Natick - Brown01980010524---
Natick - Memorial01980043413---
Natick - Natick High019805051,730---
Brandon School - Brandon Intensive Day Program5008010116106-
Brandon School - Brandon Intensive Residential Program500801021951-
RCS Learning Center School - RCS Intensive Day Program5099000293330
RCS Learning Center School - RCS Day Program50990003---
Walker School - Walker School Day Program50930202624080
New Bedford - James B Congdon02010040336---
New Bedford - Sgt Wm H Carney Academy02010045782---
New Bedford - John B Devalles02010050389---
New Bedford - Irwin M. Jacobs Elementary School02010070345---
New Bedford - Hayden/McFadden020100786771948-
New Bedford - Abraham Lincoln02010095717---
New Bedford - Casimir Pulaski0201012373038121-
New Bedford - Roosevelt Middle School020104158059120
New Bedford - Trinity Day Academy020105107911120
New Bedford - Whaling City Junior/Senior High School02010515100---
Schwartz Center School - Schwartz Center Day Program50180101---
Newburyport - Francis T Bresnahan Elementary02040005615---
Newton - A E Angier02070005467---
Newton - Bowen02070015421---
Newton - C C Burr02070020386---
Newton - Cabot02070025391---
Newton - Countryside02070040410---
Newton - Franklin02070055434---
Newton - Mason-Rice02070080512---
Newton - Memorial Spaulding02070105453---
Newton - Newton Early Childhood Center02070108197---
Newton - Underwood02070115284---
Newton - John Ward02070120309---
Newton - Bigelow Middle02070305521---
Newton - Charles E Brown Middle02070310753---
Newton - Newton South High020705101,893---
B C Campus School - BC Campus School Day Program50060101---
Learning Prep School - Learning Prep School Day Program50580101---
Norfolk - Freeman-Kennedy School02080005489---
Norfolk - H Olive Day02080015462---
North Adams - Colegrove Park Elementary02090008361---
North Adams - Greylock02090015296---
North Adams - Brayton02090035260---
North Adams - Drury High02090505522712-
Northampton - Bridge Street02100005274---
Northampton - Jackson Street02100020358---
Northampton - Leeds02100025321---
Northampton - R. K. Finn Ryan Road02100029221---
Cutchins Program02100835142047
North Andover - Franklin02110010452---
North Andover - North Andover High021105051,490---
North Attleborough - Amvet Boulevard02120007398---
North Attleborough - Falls02120010275---
North Attleborough - Joseph W Martin Jr Elementary02120013636---
North Attleborough - North Attleborough Early Learning Center02120020126---
North Attleborough - Community02120030320---
Northborough - Lincoln Street02130003255---
Northborough - Fannie E Proctor02130015249---
Northbridge - W Edward Balmer02140001505---
Northbridge - Northbridge Elementary02140005380---
Northbridge - Northbridge Elementary02140020---
Northbridge - Northbridge Middle02140305723---
North Brookfield - North Brookfield Elementary02150015330---
North Brookfield - North Brookfield High02150505227---
North Reading - L D Batchelder02170005464---
North Reading - J Turner Hood02170010336---
Norton - L G Nourse Elementary02180010285---
Norton - J C Solmonese02180015462---
Norwood - Cornelius M Callahan022000102198340
Norwood - Dr. Philip O. Coakley Middle School02200305737---
Norwood - Norwood High02200505958---
Orange - Fisher Hill022300152797110
Oxford - Clara Barton02260005383---
Palmer - Old Mill Pond022700086871265-
Palmer - Palmer High02270505713---
Peabody - Captain Samuel Brown02290005358---
Peabody - William A Welch Sr02290027360---
Peabody - West Memorial0229004524816677
Pembroke - Bryantville Elementary02310003502---
Pembroke - Hobomock Elementary02310010425---
Pembroke - North Pembroke Elementary02310015549---
Pittsfield - Allendale02360010288---
Pittsfield - Egremont02360035423---
Pittsfield - Robert T. Capeless Elementary School02360045216---
Pittsfield - Morningside Community School023600553871916511
Pittsfield - Crosby023600654462816311
Pittsfield - Stearns02360090245---
Pittsfield - Williams02360100319---
Pittsfield - Silvio O Conte Community02360105362---
Pittsfield - John T Reid Middle02360305550---
Plymouth - Cold Spring Elementary School02390005255---
Plymouth - Hedge Elementary School02390010154---
Plymouth - Federal Furnace Elementary School023900113861538-
Plymouth - Indian Brook Elementary School02390012567---
Plymouth - South Elementary School02390046653673-
Plymouth - West Elementary School0239004739413103-
Plymouth - Plymouth South High School023905151,095---
Southeast Campus School - Southeast Campus Day Program5044010111430
Southeast Campus School - Southeast Campus Residential Program50440102---
Quincy - Francis W Parker02430075313---
Randolph - J F Kennedy Elementary02440018465---
Randolph - Elizabeth G Lyons Elementary024400202981357-
Randolph - Martin E Young Elementary02440040308---
Randolph - Randolph Community Middle02440410602---
Boston Higashi School - Boston Higashi School Day Program5007010111780
Boston Higashi School - Boston Higashi School Residential Program500701026160
Boston Higashi School - Boston Higashi School 365 Residential Program5007010310310
The May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities - Randolph Residential02440815157791,18617
Reading - RISE PreSchool0246000194---
Reading - Birch Meadow02460005370---
Reading - J Warren Killam02460017420---
Revere - Staff Sargent James J. Hill Elementary School02480035712---
Revere - Garfield Elementary School02480056768---
Rochester - Rochester Memorial02500005498---
Rockland - Memorial Park02510020283---
Solstice School - Solstice Day Program50410301---
Devereux Foundation - Devereux Day School5029010143330-
Devereux Foundation - Devereux West Meadow502901035944720
Salem - Bates0258000193---
Salem - Bates02580003342271580
Salem - Carlton02580015252842-
Salem - Horace Mann Laboratory02580030272---
Salem - Saltonstall02580050372---
Salem - Witchcraft Heights02580070458---
Salem - New Liberty Innovation School0258051045---
Sandwich - Forestdale School02610002632---
Sandwich - Forestdale02610010---
Saugus - Lynnhurst02620040270---
Saugus - Veterans Memorial02620065541---
Scituate - Hatherly Elementary02640010270---
Scituate - Jenkins Elementary School02640015360---
Sharon - Cottage Street02660005520---
Sharon - East Elementary02660010491---
Sharon - Heights Elementary026600155257310
Sharon - Sharon Middle02660305873---
Sharon - Sharon High026605051,079---
Shrewsbury - Calvin Coolidge02710015413---
Shrewsbury - Floral Street School027100207508170
Shrewsbury - Walter J Paton02710025342---
Shrewsbury - Parker Road Preschool02710040235---
Shrewsbury - Sherwood Middle School02710305967---
Somerset - North Elementary02730008490---
Somerville - John F Kennedy02740083456---
Somerville - Winter Hill Community02740120459---
Southampton - William E Norris02750005512---
Southborough - Mary E Finn School02760008336---
Southborough - Albert S. Woodward Memorial School02760050266---
New England Center for Children School - NECC Intensive Instruction Day Program50690102151910
New England Center for Children School - NECC Intermediate Residential Program50690103162210
New England Center for Children School - NECC Residential Program50690104---
New England Center for Children School - NECC Severe Residential Program50690105346000
Southbridge - Charlton Street02770005310917-
Southbridge - Eastford Road02770010393---
Southbridge - West Street027700203171992-
South Hadley - Mosier02780020420623-
South Hadley - South Hadley High02780505555---
Springfield - Springfield Public Day Elementary School028100057344729-
Springfield - Edward P. Boland School028100107867100
Springfield - Thomas M Balliet02810015318---
Springfield - Samuel Bowles02810020338---
Springfield - Milton Bradley School028100235458150
Springfield - Brightwood028100253171634-
Springfield - Elias Brookings02810030343---
Springfield - William N. DeBerry0281004526116480
Springfield - Hiram L Dorman02810050307---
Springfield - Rebecca M Johnson028100557498170
Springfield - Frank H Freedman02810075352---
Springfield - Frederick Harris02810080634---
Springfield - Indian Orchard Elementary028101006387360
Springfield - Lincoln028101204049120
Springfield - Mary A. Dryden Veterans Memorial School02810125371---
Springfield - Mary M Walsh02810155295---
Springfield - Sumner Avenue02810160589---
Springfield - Arthur T Talmadge02810165254---
Springfield - Alice B Beal Elementary02810175261---
Springfield - White Street02810190456---
Springfield - German Gerena Community School028101957208180
Springfield - John J Duggan Middle02810320766---
Springfield - John F Kennedy Middle028103284506100
Springfield - Springfield Public Day Middle School02810345502989-
Springfield - Springfield Public Day High School02810550981820-
Springfield - Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy028106201,436---
Mill Pond School - Mill Pond Day Program5019020146333-
Stoneham - Colonial Park02840005278924-
Stoneham - Robin Hood02840025382---
Stoneham - South02840030320---
Stoneham - Stoneham Central Middle School02840405687---
Stoughton - Helen Hansen Elementary02850010231---
Stoughton - South Elementary02850015248---
Stoughton - West Elementary02850020373---
Stoughton - O'Donnell Middle School02850405825---
Sturbridge - Burgess Elementary02870005900---
Sudbury - General John Nixon Elementary028800253406130
Crossroads School - Crossroads Day Program50270101192320
Sunderland - Sunderland Elementary02890005238---
Sutton - Sutton Early Learning02900003328---
Swampscott - Hadley02910010286---
Swampscott - Stanley02910020296---
Swampscott - Swampscott Middle02910305753---
Stevens School - Stevens Residential Program508801011042-
JRI Meadowridge Academy School - JRI Meadowridge Academy Campus5049060119440
JRI Meadowridge Swansea Wood School - JRI Meadowridge Swansea Wood Campus504902011328-
TAUNTON - Chamberlain029300085171073-
Taunton - East Taunton Elementary02930010618715-
TAUNTON - Elizabeth Pole02930027622---
TAUNTON - Friedman02930315762---
TAUNTON - Taunton High029305052,638---
Tewksbury - Heath-Brook02950010351---
Tewksbury - Louise Davy Trahan02950025234---
Tewksbury - John W. Wynn Middle02950305581---
Truro - Truro Central03000005103---
Tyngsborough - Tyngsborough Elementary03010020729---
Uxbridge - Taft Early Learning Center03040005451---
Uxbridge - Whitin Elementary School03040020383---
Walpole - Bird Middle03070305491---
Longview Farm School - Longview Farm Day Program504402019270
Longview Farm School - Longview Farm Residential Program50440202---
Waltham - Plympton Elementary School03080050422---
Waltham - Whittemore Elementary School03080065433---
Waltham - Waltham High030805051,620---
The Guild for Human Services School - The Guild for Human Services Day Program507801011212712
The Guild for Human Services School - The Guild for Human Services Residential Program507801024571252
Milestones Day School - Milestones Day School Program508901018300
Ware - Stanley M Koziol Elementary School0309002041210400
Ware - Ware Middle School03090305335---
Ware - Ware Junior/Senior High School03090505466---
Wareham - John William Decas03100003577---
Wareham - Minot Forest031000174907160
Wareham - Ethel E Hammond03100020---
Wareham - Wareham Middle031003057267110
Watertown - James Russell Lowell03140025417---
Watertown - Watertown High03140505674---
Wayland - Claypit Hill School03150005542815-
Wayland - Loker School03150020281---
Webster - Park Avenue Elementary0316001582722740
Webster - Webster Middle School03160315589---
Webster - Bartlett High School03160505439---
Wellesley - Katharine Lee Bates03170005372---
Wellesley - Hunnewell03170025248---
Wellesley - Ernest F Upham03170050236---
Wellfleet - Wellfleet Elementary03180005112---
Westborough - Elsie A Hastings Elementary03210025500---
Westborough - Mill Pond School03210045935---
West Boylston - Major Edwards Elementary03220005421---
Westfield - Highland032500253736210
Westfield - Paper Mill03250036412---
Westfield - South Middle School03250310588---
Westford - John A. Crisafulli Elementary School03260045343---
Westford - Blanchard Middle03260310590---
Nashoba Learning Group - Nashoba Day Program50670101351,026-
Durham Center for Education - Durham Center for Education Program510500016108-
Gifford School - Gifford Day Program503901016230
Westport - Alice A Macomber03310015373---
West Springfield - John Ashley03320005234---
West Springfield - Philip G Coburn03320007518---
West Springfield - Tatham03320040239---
West Springfield - West Springfield Middle03320305899---
West Springfield - West Springfield Alternative School03321001---
The May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities - Springfield033208303795030
Westwood - Downey03350012250---
Westwood - William E Sheehan03350025318---
Westwood - E W Thurston Middle03350305793---
Westwood - Westwood High033505051,002---
Weymouth - Frederick C Murphy03360050246---
Weymouth - Lawrence W Pingree03360065193---
Weymouth - Wessagusset03360110279---
Weymouth - Abigail Adams Middle School03360310906---
Williamsburg - Anne T. Dunphy School03400020163---
Winchendon - Winchendon PreSchool Program0343001079---
Winchendon - Memorial034300403076510
Cottage Hill Academy - Cottage Hill Academy Residential Program50980101---
Winchester - Lynch Elementary03440020540---
Winchester - Muraco Elementary03440040381---
Winthrop - William P. Gorman/Fort Banks Elementary03460015471---
Winthrop - Arthur T. Cummings Elementary School03460020454---
Winthrop - Winthrop Middle School03460305482---
Woburn - Goodyear Elementary School03470005307---
Woburn - Malcolm White03470055324---
Woburn - Daniel L Joyce Middle School03470410524---
The May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities - Wilmington034708102314337-
Melmark New England School03470830139---
Melmark New England School - Melmark Day Program5065010112230
Melmark New England School - Melmark Residential Program5065010223181-
Worcester - Burncoat Street03480035293---
Worcester - Canterbury03480045376---
Worcester - Chandler Elementary Community03480050500---
Worcester - Chandler Magnet0348005243436129-
Worcester - Columbus Park03480060507---
Worcester - Jacob Hiatt Magnet03480140403---
Worcester - Lincoln Street03480160270---
Worcester - Nelson Place03480200522---
Worcester - Norrback Avenue03480202564---
Worcester - Roosevelt03480220673716-
Worcester - Tatnuck03480230392---
Worcester - West Tatnuck03480260370---
Summit Academy School for Alternative Learners - Summit Academy - Day Program51000100---
Stetson School0348088063231750
Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction School - Center for Applied Behavioral Instruction Day Program5115010113135-
Wrentham - Delaney03500003580---
Alma del Mar Charter School (District) - Alma del Mar Charter School0409020541313290
Excel Academy Charter (District) - Excel Academy Charter School - Orient Heights04103002---
Boston Green Academy Horace Mann Charter School (District) - Boston Green Academy Horace Mann Charter School04110305471680
Academy Of the Pacific Rim Charter Public (District) - Academy Of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School04120530524---
Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public (District) - Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public School04140305354---
Bridge Boston Charter School (District) - Bridge Boston Charter School0417020530814380
Community Day Charter Public School - Gateway (District) - Community Day Charter Public School - Gateway04260205320---
Brooke Charter School (District) - Brooke Charter School Mattapan (0443)04283002---
KIPP Academy Lynn Charter (District) - KIPP Academy Lynn Charter School042900101,336822-
Community Day Charter Public School - R. Kingman Webster (District) - Community Day Charter Public School - R. Kingman Webster04310205320---
City on a Hill Charter Public School Circuit Street04370505283---
Community Day Charter Public School - Prospect (District) - Community Day Charter Public School - Prospect04400205400---
Sabis International Charter (District) - Sabis International Charter School044105051,57469-
Neighborhood House Charter (District) - Neighborhood House Charter School04440205533---
Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public (District) - Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School044501051,425---
Foxborough Regional Charter School044605501,4696130
Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public (District) - Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School04470205443---
Boston Collegiate Charter (District) - Boston Collegiate Charter School04490305700---
Lowell Community Charter Public (District) - Lowell Community Charter Public School04560050814---
KIPP Academy Boston Charter School (District) - KIPP Academy Boston Charter School04630205558625-
MATCH Charter Public School (District) - MATCH Charter Public School046905051,225---
Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter (District) - Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter School047700105607200
UP Academy Charter School of Boston04800405502---
Roxbury Preparatory Charter (District) - Roxbury Prep Lucy Stone Campus04843002---
Roxbury Preparatory Charter (District) - Roxbury Prep Dorchester Campus04843003---
Seven Hills Charter Public (District) - Seven Hills Charter School04860105667---
Prospect Hill Academy Charter (District) - Prospect Hill Academy Charter School048705501,132---
South Shore Charter Public School04880550927---
Atlantis Charter (District) - Atlantis Charter School049105501,2126160
Hampden Charter School of Science East04990305491---
Assabet Valley Collaborative - ASSABET VALLEY COLLABORATIVE ALT SCHOOL050200011532-
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Secondary Therapeutic Alternative High School05040003---
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Alternative Middle School05040006---
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Therapeutic Education Program05040009---
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - SEAP-Anna Ware Jackson School05040011---
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - SEAP-Wood School05040012---
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Threapeutic Elementary Alternative Program @ Martin School05040014---
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Summit High School05040017---
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Summit Middle School0504001814450
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Life Role Education Program @ Norton Middle School05040021---
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Life Roles Transition Center @ Walpole (9-12)05040026---
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - AMS @ Blackstone Middle School05040027---
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Therapeutic Elementary Alternative Program @ Jackson School05040030131060
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Therapeutic Elementary Alternative Program @ Wood School0504003113580
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Therapeutic Elementary Alternative Program@ Wrentham05040032121550
Bi-County Collaborative (BICO) - Therapeutic Elementary Alternative Program @ Millville0504003371370
STAR Program - Osterville0512000126646-
Waypoint Academy05120002171440
Jr. Senators05140015---
Senators Voc05140019---
C.A.S.E. Concord Area SPED Collaborative - CASE ASD05160003---
C.A.S.E. Concord Area SPED Collaborative - CASE Programs for Developmental Disabilities05160004---
C.A.S.E. Concord Area SPED Collaborative - CASE Emotional, Social Adjustment051600058280
Central Massachusetts SPED Collaborative - Hartwell Learning Center0518000140245-
Central Massachusetts SPED Collaborative - Basics Program0518000525151-
Robert H. Goddard Academy05180002---
Central Massachusetts Academy05180004---
Central MA Prep05180006---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - S.C.E.C. / ACE ELEM052200011683-
South Coast Educational Collaborative - S.C.E.C / ACE MIDDLE05220002---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - Somerset Middle05220003---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - S.C.E.C. / PRE VOC 205220004---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - Somerset North Elementary05220024---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - Seekonk North Elementary052200257190
South Coast Educational Collaborative - Seekonk North Middle & High05220026---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - SCMAS05220027---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - Gallishaw Middle School05220028---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - Seekonk North High School052200316300
South Coast Educational Collaborative - Seekonk North Middle School05220032---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - Gallishaw High School05220033---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - SCEC Freetown Elementary05220034---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - SCEC GRAIS05220036---
South Coast Educational Collaborative - LIFE Academy05220038---
EDCO Collaborative - EDCO Partners Program05230008---
FLLAC Collaborative - Caldwell Elementary05240002377900
Collaborative for Regional Educational Service and Training (CREST) - EPIC05280002---
Collaborative for Regional Educational Service and Training (CREST) - Lifeworks052800031140-
Collaborative for Regional Educational Service and Training (CREST) - Lifeways0528000417223-
Collaborative for Regional Educational Service and Training (CREST) - Essex Academy Lower School05280005363607
Collaborative for Regional Educational Service and Training (CREST) - Merrimack Academy at Methuen05280006---
Collaborative for Regional Educational Service and Training (CREST) - Essex Academy Upper School05280009---
Collaborative for Regional Educational Service and Training (CREST) - Lifeways School05820004---
LABBB Collaborative - LABBB Belmont @ Chenery Middle School05340009---
LABBB Collaborative - LABBB Burlington @ Fox Hill Elementary School05340014---
LABBB Collaborative - LABBB Lexington @ Lexington High School95340001---
LABBB Collaborative - LABBB Arlington @ Arlington High School95340002---
LABBB Collaborative - LABBB Arlington @ Ottoson Middle School95340006---
LABBB Collaborative - LABBB Belmont @ Chenery Middle School95340009---
LABBB Collaborative - LABBB Belmont @ Wellington Elementary School95340010---
LABBB Collaborative - LABBB Burlington @ Memorial Elementary School95340012---
LABBB Collaborative - LABBB Burlington @ Fox Hill Elementary School9534001417154-
Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative - Autism Elementary Program05360027---
Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative - Autism Middle Program05360028---
Valley Middle School054000026210
Valley Transitional High School054000046110
Valley Elementary School05400006453590
Learning Center for Students with Autism & Developmental Disabilities Elementary05440010---
North River School05440013---
Northshore Education Consortium - Northshore Academy054600012475-
Kevin O'Grady School0546000214510
Topsfield Vocational Academy05460006---
Pilgrim Area Collaborative (PAC) - Pilgrim Area Collaborative (PAC) Program05480001162189
ACCEPT Education Collaborative - ACCEPT05500001353290
READS Collaborative - READS Academy05580002353370
READS Collaborative - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program05580005---
SEEM Collaborative - Seem Prep at the Yeuell School0562000315111-
HURD SCHOOL056200022474-
SEEM Middle School05620009211220
SEEM Therapeutic Learning Center @ the Beebe School0562001012500
Shore Educational Collaborative - Shore Educational Collaborative Program056400014313831
Southeastern Mass. Educational Collaborative (SMEC) - Alternative Learning Classroom05700003---
Southeastern Mass. Educational Collaborative (SMEC) - Transitional Services05700004---
Southeastern Mass. Educational Collaborative (SMEC) - Primary Language Program05700007---
Southeastern Mass. Educational Collaborative (SMEC) - Therapeutic Learning Center0570001213210-
Southern Worcester County Educational Collaborative - THE GROW SCHOOLS057200014422621
Southern Worcester County Educational Collaborative - Southern Worcester Collaborative Developmental Programs05720002---
South Shore Educational Collaborative (SSEC) - Mini School Program0574000227401-
South Shore Educational Collaborative (SSEC) - Quest Program0574000531379-
Community Multihandicapped Program05740008---
The Education Cooperative (TEC) - Moderate Middle School05760008---
The Education Cooperative (TEC) - Moderate Transition II05760011---
Adams-Cheshire - Hoosac Valley Elementary School06030020403---
Adams-Cheshire - Hoosac Valley Middle School06030315401634-
Amherst-Pelham - Amherst Regional High06050505933---
Ashburnham-Westminster - Briggs Elementary06100025553---
Ashburnham-Westminster - Overlook Middle School06100305573---
Athol-Royalston - Athol Community Elementary School06150020602---
Ayer Shirley School District - Ayer Shirley Regional Middle School06160305370---
Berkshire Hills - Muddy Brook Regional Elementary School06180035348---
Berkshire Hills - Monument Valley Regional Middle School06180310374---
Blackstone-Millville - John F Kennedy Elementary06220008296---
Bridgewater-Raynham - Mitchell Elementary School062500021,036---
Bridgewater-Raynham - Laliberte Elementary School06250050490---
Bridgewater-Raynham - Williams Intermediate School06250300801---
Bridgewater-Raynham - Raynham Middle School06250315663---
Bridgewater-Raynham - Therapeutic Day School0625041516---
Bridgewater-Raynham - Bridgewater-Raynham Regional062505051,463---
Chesterfield-Goshen - New Hingham Regional Elementary06320025136---
Central Berkshire - Craneville06350025412---
Central Berkshire - Kittredge06350035150---
Central Berkshire - Nessacus Regional Middle School06350305381---
Dennis-Yarmouth - Ezra H Baker Innovation School06450005349---
Dennis-Yarmouth - Marguerite E Small Elementary06450015272---
Dennis-Yarmouth - N H Wixon Innovation School06450050541---
Dennis-Yarmouth - Mattacheese Middle School06450305447---
Dudley-Charlton Reg - Heritage School06580030480---
Freetown-Lakeville - Freetown Elementary School06650001412---
Freetown-Lakeville - Assawompset Elementary School06650002434---
Frontier - Frontier Regional06700505623---
Gateway - Chester Elementary06720059119---
Gateway - Littleville Elementary School06720143299---
Gateway - Gateway Regional Middle06720380---
Gill-Montague - Hillcrest Elementary School06740015162---
Gill-Montague - Sheffield Elementary School06740050216798-
Gill-Montague - Turners Fall High06740505219---
Hamilton-Wenham - Cutler School06750010289---
Hamilton-Wenham - Winthrop School06750015291---
Hamilton-Wenham - Miles River Middle06750310383---
Hampden-Wilbraham - Green Meadows Elementary068000052509820
Hampden-Wilbraham - Mile Tree Elementary06800025347---
Hampden-Wilbraham - Soule Road06800030344---
Hawlemont - Hawlemont Regional06850005163---
Monomoy Regional School District - Harwich Elementary School07120002550---
Mohawk Trail - Colrain Central07170010106---
Nashoba - Mary Rowlandson Elementary07250010471---
Nashoba - Center School07250020567---
Nashoba - Florence Sawyer School07250025767---
Nashoba - Luther Burbank Middle School07250305249---
Nashoba - Nashoba Regional07250505988---
North Middlesex - Nissitissit Middle School07350310525---
Pioneer Valley - Northfield Elementary07500008186---
Pioneer Valley - Pioneer Valley Regional07500505360---
Ralph C Mahar - Ralph C Mahar Regional07550505641---
Southern Berkshire - Undermountain07650035290---
Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District - Woodland School07660010357813-
Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District - Powder Mill School07660315442---
Spencer-E Brookfield - Wire Village School076700404251429-
Tantasqua - Tantasqua Regional Jr High07700405590---
Up-Island Regional - West Tisbury Elementary07740020352---
Wachusett - Early Childhood Center0775000116279-
Wachusett - Houghton Elementary077500273756170
Wachusett - Chocksett Middle School07750315364---
Wachusett - Wachusett Regional High077505052,130---
Whitman-Hanson - Louise A Conley07800010562---
Whitman-Hanson - Maquan Elementary07800025436---
Whitman-Hanson - Indian Head07800035324---
Whitman-Hanson - Hanson Middle School07800315393---
Whitman-Hanson - Whitman Hanson Regional078005051,172---
Blue Hills Regional Vocational Technical - Blue Hills Regional Vocational Technical08060605854---
Greater Lowell Regional Vocational Technical - Gr Lowell Regional Vocational Technical082806052,270---
Northern Berkshire Regional Vocational Technical - Charles McCann Vocational Technical08510605488---
Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical - Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical08780605986---
Collegiate Charter School of Lowell35030205759---
UP Academy Charter School of Dorchester (District) - UP Academy Charter School of Dorchester350504057392354-
Argosy Collegiate Charter School (District) - Argosy Collegiate Charter School35090305398---
Springfield Preparatory Charter School (District) - Springfield Preparatory Charter School35100205215---
Libertas Academy Charter School (District) - Libertas Academy Charter School3514030590---
Old Sturbridge Academy Charter Public School - Old Sturbridge Academy Charter Public School35150205160---
State Total99999999969,9734,88938,994697