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2011 Item by Item Results for GRADE 10 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Number of Students Included: 245

Tri County Regional Vocational Technical - GRADE 10 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
01MCLT10.1587%86% 036874C
02MCLT10.1391%91% 091522A
03MCLT10.1383%87% 084583D
04MCLT10.1577%75% 0041977D
05MCLT10.1393%91% 012934C
06MCLT10.1375%79% 0721775D
07MCLT10.1387%86% 004987D
08MCLA10.465%69% 0659422A
09ORLT10.132.352.60 0460314
10MCLT10.1478%80% 0278192B
11MCLT10.1484%89% 0384310B
12MCLT10.879%83% 0151579D
13MCLT10.1480%83% 0378010C
14MCLT10.1284%82% 0108442B
15MCLT10.1575%80% 0275203B
16MCLT10.1271%75% 0237132B
17MCLA10.475%75% 0751574A
18ORLT10.122.082.40 01564211
19MCLT10.1253%60% 03325311C
20MCLT10.1264%69% 0644824A
21MCLT10.1269%75% 01216918C
22MCLT10.1291%91% 011691D
23MCLT10.1284%85% 039844C
24MCLT10.1280%81% 0414180D
25MCLT10.1578%80% 094978D
26MCLA10.484%85% 0238410C
27ORLT10.122.332.69 11050336
28MCLT10.1395%96% 029521B
29MCLT10.1394%91% 013294D
30MCLT10.1370%76% 0251370D
31MCLT10.1361%63% 0982261D
32MCLT10.1393%93% 040933C
33MCLA10.592%90% 071920C
34MCLA10.484%83% 0184213B
35ORLT10.132.562.85 0444467
36MCLT10.1683%83% 036838C
37MCLT10.1678%82% 0557812C
38MCLT10.1168%62% 010101168D
39MCLA10.480%81% 080866A
40MCLA10.491%87% 091333A

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