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2011 Item by Item Results for GRADE 03 READING

Number of Students Included: 1723

Worcester - GRADE 03 READING
01MCLT3.887%94% 087463A
02MCLT3.1282%92% 0825112A
03MCLT3.852%69% 06115231C
04MCLT3.1277%87% 0775135A
05MCLT3.1594%97% 021943C
06MCLT3.1276%85% 0511767C
07MCLT3.1266%78% 0232866D
08MCLT3.1171%85% 15107113C
09MCLA3.571%80% 01510714C
10MCLA3.684%93% 078444B
11ORLT3.121.982.22 72441208
12MCLT3.1375%83% 0167563B
13MCLT3.1362%70% 11566216C
14MCLT3.1367%80% 11281167D
15MCLT3.1383%91% 088363B
16MCLA3.479%90% 167959B
17SRLT3.131.041.34 342838
18MCLT3.1787%95% 1
19MCLT3.1779%89% 1
20MCLT3.863%79% 1
21MCLT3.872%86% 1
22MCLT3.1740%56% 1
23MCLA3.549%64% 1
24MCLA3.458%69% 2
25SRLT3.171.091.30 185527
26MCLT3.1384%92% 0
27MCLT3.1386%92% 0
28MCLT3.1363%76% 0
29MCLT3.1376%85% 0
30MCLT3.1377%85% 0
31MCLT3.1566%77% 0
32MCLT3.1369%79% 1
33MCLT3.1070%76% 1
34MCLA3.586%93% 0
35MCLA3.471%85% 1
36SRLT3.131.151.30 224137
37SRLT3.131.081.17 136621
38MCLT3.1550%65% 1
39MCLT3.1451%65% 1
40MCLT3.1163%76% 1
41MCLA3.570%81% 1

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