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Admissions Requirements

Below is a summary of admissions requirements for educator preparation programs at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels followed by a more detailed description of admissions requirements. All information is reported by the educator preparation provider.

Summary of Admissions Requirements - 2017
Background check No No
Essay or personal statement No Yes
Fingerprint check No No
Interview No Yes
Minimum ACT score No No
Minimum GPA Yes Yes
Minimum GPA in content area coursework Yes No
Minimum GPA in professional education coursework Yes No
Minimum SAT score Yes No
Minimum basic skills test score Yes No
Minimum number of courses/credits/semester hours completed Yes No
Recommendation(s) Yes Yes
Subject area/academic content test or other subject matter verification Yes Yes
Transcript Yes Yes
Other Yes Yes

Description of Admissions Requirements

Baccalaureate Programs:
Admission to Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Programs

Once admitted to Springfield College, the student must meet the following requirements in order to become an official candidate for licensure and get admitted to a specific teacher preparation program. This typically occurs prior to the student's junior year or the equivalent for transfer students.
1. Follow the appropriate course of study based on the field the student is interested in teaching. This includes majoring in an acceptable major for that licensure area and taking the required teacher preparation courses. This enables the student to fulfill the prerequisites needed to gain admission to a teacher preparation program. Examples of acceptable majors and licensure areas are psychology for early childhood; American studies, English, or mathematics and computer technology for elementary and/or special education; biology, English, history or mathematics for secondary; movement and sports studies for physical education or dual PE & health education; art/studio art concentration or art therapy for art education; and health studies for health education only.

2. Complete or be in the process of completing all prerequisites identified for the specific program.

3. Earn a minimum 2.750 (3.250 MOST-PHE) cumulative grade point average for all designated licensure courses. This includes all subject matter knowledge coursework as well as teacher preparation professional coursework. See educator preparation homepage on SC website for specific lists of, Prerequisites and Program Requirements, for each licensure program. [Note: In all programs except physical education and health, the grade point average for the student?s major is calculated separately from the grade point average for professional preparation courses.]

4. Earn a minimum 2.500 (3.000 MOST-PHE) cumulative grade point average and minimum grades specified for designated courses.

5. Demonstrate the personal characteristics/professional behaviors needed to become a quality teacher (i.e., responsible, dependable, hard working, professional, committed to the teaching profession, etc.).

6. Be recommended for admission into a teacher licensure program by the appropriate major department and the Education Department. For students in health and physical education, the only recommendation required is from the Physical Education and Health Education Department.

7. Receive a passing score on the Communication and Literacy Skills Tests (reading and writing) of the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL).

8. Students must be admitted to a specific program prior to enrolling in their final pre-practicum.

Note: Students who have been admitted to a teacher preparation program must maintain all admission requirements through the semester preceding the practicum (student teaching) in order to be eligible to begin the practicum experience.

Post-baccalaureate Programs:
Requirements for Graduate (Post-Baccalaureate)
Educator Preparation Programs
(Teaching and Counseling)

Requirements for Admission:
1. Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university
2. Minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.50
3. Transcript review (teaching licensure programs only)
4. Commitment to the field of education as demonstrated by past experience, essays, interviews and/or reference letters
5. Demonstration of other measures of academic and/or professional achievement required by individual programs (e.g. GRE score, MTEL score, transcript review, professional experience)
6. Submission of Educator Preparation Program registration form to the Educator Preparation Office.