2018 Educator Preparation Employment by Program

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This report provides the percentage of program completers who were employed in a Massachusetts public school or district by June of the report year. Employment rates are reported by program completion year, program type, program subject area, and top employing districts. Employment is determined by matching program completers reported by preparation program providers with employment data collected from districts in the Education Personnel Information Management System (EPIMS). The number in retention cohort includes the number of program completers employed at least one year prior to the report year, and is the denominator for the retention rates.More about the data…

Note: Data only include program completers who became employed in a Massachusetts public, K-12 school, including charter schools, and collaboratives. The data do not include employment in private schools or outside of Massachusetts.

A dash indicates that there were fewer than six program completers, therefore employment data is not reported. For more information on how employment and retention rates are calculated, see the About the Data page.

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School and District Profiles