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2017 Massachusetts District Report Card Overview
Brenda Cassellius, Superintendent
2300 Washington Street , Roxbury, MA 02119
Phone: 617.635.9050
Website: http://www.bostonpublicschools.org

Report cards help parents/guardians and the general public see where schools and districts are succeeding and where there is still work to do. This report card overview answers important questions about our district's performance. For the full report card containing additional data contact the district or visit the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s website at http://profiles.doe.mass.edu. For more information about report card data, visit http://profiles.doe.mass.edu/help/data.aspx.

How is our district doing overall?
Accountability & assistance levels
Students in grades 3-8 participated in 2017 Next Generation MCAS tests - One or more schools in the district classified into Level 4

Most schools are assigned a level from 1-5, with those meeting their proficiency gap-narrowing goals in Level 1 and the lowest performing in Levels 4 and 5. A district is typically assigned a level based on the level of its lowest performing school. Placing schools and districts into levels helps districts know which schools need more support, and helps the state know which districts need the most assistance. More information is available here: http://www.doe.mass.edu/accountability/

Overall progress in narrowing gaps

Massachusetts aims to reduce proficiency gaps by half between 2011 and 2017.

All students-
High needs students-
Economically disadvantaged-
Students with disabilities
English language learners & former ELLs
District determination of need for special education technical assistance or intervention
Needs Intervention (NI)

Districts, including single school districts, are assigned a determination of need for special education technical assistance or intervention. These determinations, which are typically based on the district's accountability and assistance level, range from Meets Requirements - Provisional (districts with insufficient data) to Needs Substantial Intervention (Level 5 districts). The determination, which also incorporates compliance measures, helps to identify whether the Department will require districts to take additional actions to support improved outcomes for all children, especially students with disabilities.

How does our district's achievement over time compare to the state?

Next Generation MCAS (Average Scaled Score)

English language arts - Grades 3-8Mathematics - Grades 3-8
Not Meeting ExpectationsPartially Meeting ExpectationsMeeting ExpectationsExceeding Expectations
Not Meeting ExpectationsPartially Meeting ExpectationsMeeting ExpectationsExceeding Expectations
Legacy MCAS (CPI)

The Composite Performance Index (CPI) is a number from 1-100 that represents the extent to which all students are progressing toward proficiency in a given subject. When all students demonstrate proficiency on MCAS and/or PARCC tests, the CPI will be 100. Our district's CPIs for 2014-2017 are below.

English language arts - Grade 10Mathematics - Grade 10Science - All Grades
Our District
90.3 93.1 93.8 93.0
82.9 83.4 83.9 84.1
96.0 96.7 96.7 96.5
90.0 89.9 89.7 89.9

How does our district's growth compare to the state?

Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) measure gains in student achievement from year to year. SGPs between 40 and 60 represent moderate growth. Our district's median SGPs for 2017 are below. (Note: Growth values are truncated.)

English language artsMathematics
Lower growthHigher growth
Lower growthHigher growth
Our district  46.0  42.0
Massachusetts  50.0  50.0
How does our district's enrollment compare to the state?

Total enrollment
Our district
Our districtMassachusetts
By high needs population


Economically disadvantaged students
29,542 55.5
288,465 30.2
Students with disabilities
10,483 19.5
167,530 17.4
English language learners
16,628 31.2
90,204 9.5

How do our district's teachers and classrooms compare to the state?

General information
Our district
Teachers (#)
Core academic classes taught by highly qualified teachers (%)
Average class size (#)
Student : teacher ratio
13.7 to 1
13.2 to 1

How is our district doing on other important measures?

Our district
2017 Attendance rate (%)
2017 Average days absent per student (#)
2017 Chronic absenteeism rate (%)

2017 In-school suspension rate (%)
2017 Out-of-school suspension rate (%)
High school completion
Our district
2015 5-year graduation rate (%)
2016 4-year graduation rate (%)
2016 annual dropout rate (%)
2015 graduates attending institutions of higher education* (%)
2017 12th graders taking 1+ Advanced Placement courses (%)
2017 Advanced Placement tests with scores of 3 or higher (%)
2017 SAT average score - Reading
2017 SAT average score - Writing
2017 SAT average score - Math
2016 MassCore** - Completing a rigorous course of study (%)
*Postsecondary enrollment data includes any student enrolling in an institution of higher education within 16 months of earning a high school diploma
**MassCore: 4 years of English & math, 3 years of history & lab-based science, 2 years of a foreign language, 1 year of arts & 5 additional "core" courses

What else should you know about our district?
What are our schools' accountability and assistance levels?

SchoolSchool typeStudent enrollmentAccountability &
assistance level

Lee AcademyEarly Elementary School 187Insufficient data
Baldwin Early Learning CenterEarly Elementary School 159Insufficient data
ELC - West ZoneEarly Elementary School 114Insufficient data
East Boston Early Childhood CenterEarly Elementary School 170Insufficient data
Haynes Early Education CenterEarly Elementary School 187Insufficient data
Pauline Agassiz Shaw Elementary SchoolEarly Elementary School 203Insufficient data
HigginsonEarly Elementary School 173Insufficient data
BeethovenEarly Elementary School 329Insufficient data
Dr. William Henderson LowerEarly Elementary School 217Insufficient data
Dr. Catherine Ellison-Rosa Parks Early Ed SchoolElementary School 189No level
Charles SumnerElementary School 558No level
Charles H TaylorElementary School 507No level
Curtis GuildElementary School 309No level
Dante Alighieri Montessori SchoolElementary School 96No level
David A EllisElementary School 438No level
Edward EverettElementary School 278No level
Ellis MendellElementary School 244No level
George H ConleyElementary School 222No level
Henry GrewElementary School 239Level 4
O W HolmesElementary School 368No level
Hugh Roe O'DonnellElementary School 272No level
James J ChittickElementary School 296No level
James OtisElementary School 398No level
John F KennedyElementary School 382No level
UP Academy HollandElementary School 759Level 5
John D PhilbrickElementary School 172No level
John WinthropElementary School 329Level 4
Joseph P TynanElementary School 268No level
Joseph P ManningElementary School 158No level
Harvard-KentElementary School 495No level
Manassah E BradleyElementary School 286No level
MattahuntElementary School 634Level 4
MatherElementary School 617No level
Michael J PerkinsElementary School 238No level
MozartElementary School 175No level
Nathan HaleElementary School 174No level
Patrick J KennedyElementary School 297No level
Paul A DeverElementary School 415Level 5
Phineas BatesElementary School 280No level
Josiah QuincyElementary School 854No level
Roger ClapElementary School 170No level
Samuel AdamsElementary School 294No level
Samuel W MasonElementary School 231No level
Thomas J KennyElementary School 332No level
William Ellery ChanningElementary School 244Level 4
William E RussellElementary School 385No level
Winship ElementaryElementary School 243No level
BlackstoneElementary School 585No level
John W McCormackMiddle School 444No level
Lilla G. Frederick Middle SchoolMiddle School 519No level
Clarence R Edwards MiddleMiddle School 335No level
Washington Irving MiddleMiddle School 344No level
James P Timilty MiddleMiddle School 371No level
Brighton HighHigh School 811Level 4
Boston International High SchoolHigh School 378Level 2
Charlestown HighHigh School 910Level 3
Community AcademyHigh School 44Insufficient data
Excel High SchoolHigh School 525Level 4
Jeremiah E Burke HighHigh School 489Level 3
East Boston HighHigh School 1,496Level 3
The English HighHigh School 553Level 4
Madison Park HighHigh School 841Level 4
Fenway High SchoolHigh School 360Level 2
Another Course To CollegeHigh School 223Level 2
New Mission High SchoolHigh School 320Level 1
Greater Egleston Community High SchoolHigh School 225Insufficient data
Boston Arts AcademyHigh School 447Level 3
Boston Adult AcademyHigh School 197Insufficient data
Margarita Muniz AcademyHigh School 284Level 2
Boston Community Leadership AcademyHigh School 500Level 3
Urban Science AcademyHigh School 432Level 3
Community Academy of Science and HealthHigh School 365Level 3
Dorchester AcademyHigh School 99Level 4
Lyon Upper 9-12High School 126Level 3
West Roxbury AcademyHigh School 496Level 3
Snowden International School at CopleyHigh School 439Level 3
Boston Collaborative High SchoolHigh School 193Level 3
Lyon K-8Elementary - Middle School 139No level
Boston Teachers Union SchoolElementary - Middle School 296No level
Jackson MannElementary - Middle School 765No level
Curley K-8 SchoolElementary - Middle School 948No level
Carter Developmental CenterMiddle - High School or K-12 29Insufficient data
DearbornMiddle - High School or K-12 309Level 4
Dennis C HaleyElementary - Middle School 452No level
Donald MckayElementary - Middle School 732No level
Eliot ElementaryElementary - Middle School 558No level
Franklin D RooseveltElementary - Middle School 453No level
James Condon ElementaryElementary - Middle School 846No level
James W HenniganElementary - Middle School 638No level
Joseph J HurleyElementary - Middle School 353No level
Joseph LeeElementary - Middle School 639No level
Joyce KilmerElementary - Middle School 435No level
Maurice J TobinElementary - Middle School 465No level
Richard J MurphyElementary - Middle School 946No level
Oliver Hazard PerryElementary - Middle School 222No level
Orchard GardensElementary - Middle School 886No level
William H OhrenbergerElementary - Middle School 602No level
LyndonElementary - Middle School 582No level
Sarah GreenwoodElementary - Middle School 399No level
Gardner Pilot AcademyElementary - Middle School 401No level
Warren-PrescottElementary - Middle School 582No level
William McKinleyMiddle - High School or K-12 337Level 3
William Monroe TrotterElementary - Middle School 536No level
Edison K-8Elementary - Middle School 688No level
King K-8Elementary - Middle School 490No level
Higginson/Lewis K-8Elementary - Middle School 355No level
Mildred Avenue K-8Elementary - Middle School 505No level
Young AchieversElementary - Middle School 582No level
Mission Hill SchoolElementary - Middle School 217No level
Dr. William Henderson UpperMiddle - High School or K-12 505No level
Boston Latin AcademyMiddle - High School or K-12 1,698No level
Boston LatinMiddle - High School or K-12 2,403No level
Quincy Upper SchoolMiddle - High School or K-12 506No level
O'Bryant School Math/ScienceMiddle - High School or K-12 1,437No level
Mario Umana AcademyElementary - Middle School 922No level
TechBoston AcademyMiddle - High School or K-12 972No level
Rafael HernandezElementary - Middle School 407No level
Horace Mann School for the DeafMiddle - High School or K-12 90No level

To view our district's full report card, visit http://profiles.doe.mass.edu. For more information about report card data, visit our Profiles Help page.
Published by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

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