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Curriculum Data


The table below lists the curriculum materials used in the school or district, for the majority of instruction by subject area. Districts reported materials used to teach Foundational Reading Skills in K-5, ELA K-8, Math K-12, and STE 6-8. These are the subject areas where materials have been reviewed through CURATE or Ed Reports. In the case of High School mathematics, districts reported materials used for either the traditional or integrated math sequence, but not both. This data does not represent all of the materials a district uses, such as those being piloted or used as a supplement or additional resource for educators, only those used for the majority of instruction. To learn more about the importance of using high quality instructional materials, go to If you have any questions, please contact the center for instructional support at

Latest Curriculum Data is updated below.

ELA Math Science
Grade Product Grade/Course Product Grade Product
02 Wonders aka Reading Wonders (2017) (2017) 02 Eureka Math 02 Foss Science Kits
02 FS
03 Wonders aka Reading Wonders (2017) (2017) 03 Eureka Math 03 Foss Science Kits
03 FS
04 Wonders aka Reading Wonders (2017) (2017) 04 Eureka Math 04 Foss Science Kits
04 FS

FS* - Foundational Skills