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2016 Item by Item Results for GRADE HS INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS

Number of Students Included:

Community Day Charter Public School - Prospect (District) - GRADE HS INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS
01MCMF2.3 D
02MCEM5.2 A
03MCWV6.1 C
04MCHT3.3 C
05MCMF1.1 D
06MCHT3.4 A
07MCEM5.4 D
08MCWV4.6 D
09MCEM5.5 C
10MCMF1.5 B
11MCMF2.5 D
13MCMF2.5 B
14MCMF1.3 C
15MCMF1.7 A
16MCHT3.1 B
17MCEM5.3 C
18MCHT3.2 D
19MCMF1.8 C
20MCEM5.5 B
21MCWV6.2 A
22MCMF2.2 C
24MCMF1.2 B
25MCWV4.2 A
26MCEM5.1 D
27MCHT3.2 B
28MCMF2.1 B
29MCWV4.1 C
30MCMF1.4 D
31MCWV6.2 B
33MCMF2.4 D
34MCWV4.5 A
35MCEM5.2 A
36MCWV4.4 C
37MCMF1.4 C
38MCMF1.3 D
39MCMF1.6 C
40MCWV4.3 A
41MCEM5.6 C
42MCWV4.2 B
43MCWV4.4 D

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