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2021 Item by Item Results for GRADE 10 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 56     Participation Rate = 90.00%

Academy Of the Pacific Rim Charter Public (District) - GRADE 10 MATHEMATICS
1GEO.G-SRT.A.1 MII.G-SRT.A.1 Determine which graph shows a triangle and its image after a dilation.
2AI.N-Q.A.2 MI.N-Q.A.2 Use modeling and estimation techniques to solve a real-world problem.
3AI.A-REI.D.11 MI.A-REI.D.11 Select the values that make a given quadratic equation true.
4AI.S-ID.A.1 MI.S-ID.A.1 Complete a histogram using a given set of data.
5AI.A-REI.C.7 MII.A-REI.C.7 Solve a system consisting of the equations of a line and a circle.
6GEO.G-GPE.B.5 MI.G-GPE.B.5 Write equations of lines that are parallel and perpendicular to given lines passing through given points.
7GEO.G-CO.B.6 MI.G-CO.B.6 Determine whether various transformations performed on a triangle will result in a congruent image.
8AI.A-REI.C.5 MI.A-REI.C.5 Choose a system of equations that has the same solution as a given system of linear equations.
9AI.S-ID.A.3 MI.S-ID.A.3 Determine the effect on the mean if an outlier is removed from a set of data.
10AI.F-IF.A.2 MI.F-IF.A.2 Find a specified term in an arithmetic sequence that is represented by a given function.
11AI.N-RN.B.3 MII.N-RN.B.3 Solve equations that contain rational and irrational numbers.
12AI.A-APR.A.1 MII.A-APR.A.1 Multiply a monomial and a binomial to identify an equivalent expression.
13AI.N-RN.A.1 MII.N-RN.A.1 Translate between radical and exponential representations of different expressions and create a radical expression based on stated parameters.
14AI.F-LE.A.2 MI.F-LE.A.2 Use the values of a function in a table to describe an exponential function and determine which equation models the function.
15AI.A-REI.B.4 MII.A-REI.B.4 Find the solutions of a quadratic equation.
16AI.F-IF.A.3 MI.F-IF.A.3 Find a specified term in a geometric sequence, given the value of two other terms in the sequence.
17AI.N-Q.A.2 MI.N-Q.A.2 Use a mathematical model to estimate a quantity in a real-world situation.
18AI.A-REI.C.6 MI.A-REI.C.6 Solve and graph a system of linear equations.
19AI.S-ID.B.6 MI.S-ID.B.6 Use the line of best fit for data in a scatter plot to predict a value in a real-world situation.
20AI.A-CED.A.2 MI.A-CED.A.2 MII.A-CED.A.2 Determine which equation describes the relationship between two variables in a real-world context.
21AI.F-LE.A.3 MI.F-LE.A.3 MII.F-LE.A.3 Use the graphs of three different functions to compare how they increase as the independent variable increases.
22GEO.G-SRT.C.8 MII.G-SRT.C.8 Use the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the missing side length of a triangle in a real-world context.
23AI.F-BF.A.2 MI.F-BF.A.2 Analyze an algebraic sequence that represents a real-world situation.
24GEO.G-SRT.B.5 MII.G-SRT.B.5 Use proportions to find a missing side length in a diagram displaying similar triangles.
25GEO.G-GMD.A.3 MII.G-GMD.A.3 Use the volume formula for a cone to solve a real-world problem.
26GEO.G-GPE.B.6 MII.G-GPE.B.6 Locate a point on a line segment, graphed on a coordinate plane, that divides the segment in a specified ratio.
27AI.S-ID.B.5 MI.S-ID.B.5 Calculate relative frequencies based on data displayed in a two-way table.
28AI.N-Q.A.3 GEO.N-Q.A.3 MI.N-Q.A.3 MII.N-Q.A.3 Determine the effects of rounding on measurements in a real-world situation.
29GEO.G-SRT.C.6 MII.G-SRT.C.6 Use trigonometric ratios to determine a missing side length in a right triangle.
30GEO.G-CO.A.1 MI.G-CO.A.1 Match geometric terms with their definitions.
31GEO.G-CO.A.2 MI.G-CO.A.2 Determine the coordinates of a vertex of a triangle, graphed on a coordinate plane, after a sequence of transformations.
32GEO.G-GMD.A.1 MII.G-GMD.A.1 Determine the volume of a cylinder, and compare the volumes of other cylinders that have similar dimensions.
33AI.A-REI.B.3 MI.A-REI.B.3 Solve a compound linear inequality that represents a real-world problem.
34AI.A-CED.A.1 MI.A-CED.A.1 MII.A-CED.A.1 Write and solve a linear equation and linear inequalities based on a real-world situation.
35GEO.G-CO.A.3 MI.G-CO.A.3 Determine the coordinates of a vertex of a parallelogram after a reflection and the sequence of transformations that would map the parallelogram onto itself.
36GEO.G-CO.A.5 MI.G-CO.A.5 Graph the image of a point on a coordinate plane after a reflection over a given line.
37GEO.G-CO.C.9 MII.G-CO.C.9 Identify the theorem about parallel lines and transversals that proves two pairs of angles in a diagram are congruent.
38AI.F-IF.B.5 MI.F-IF.B.5 MII.F-IF.B.5 Identify the domain of a function based on a real-world situation.
39GEO.S-CP.A.4 MII.S-CP.A.4 Complete a two-way frequency table and use the table to calculate a conditional probability.
40GEO.G-C.A.2 MII.G-C.A.2 Determine the measure of an angle in a triangle inscribed in a circle.
41AI.F-IF.B.6 MI.F-IF.B.6 MII.F-IF.B.6 Calculate the average rate of change of an exponential function over a given interval.
42GEO.G-GPE.B.7 MI.G-GPE.B.7 Calculate the perimeter of a trapezoid graphed on a coordinate plane.

Participation rates varied across schools, districts, and student groups in 2021 more than in prior years. If the participation rate in 2021 was lower than in prior years, results may have been different if more students had taken the test.

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