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2017 Item by Item Results for GRADE 08 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 86     Mode: Online

Mohawk Trail Regional High - GRADE 08 MATHEMATICS
18.F.1.A.1Complete a given input-output table given that the relationship is not a function.
28.EE.1.A.3Solve a multi-step real-world problem involving single-digit numbers multiplied by powers of 10 and the relationships among them.
38.SP.1.A.4Interpret a given two-way table and select the relative frequency based on a given real-world context.
48.G.2.B.7Apply Pythagorean Theorem to determine unknown lengths in a real-world context.
58.NS.1.A.1Identify the number that is irrational.
68.EE.1.A.2Find the value of x in a given equation of the form x squared = p.
78.SP.1.A.4Interpret a given two-way table to solve a real-world problem.
88.G.1.A.3Determine the x-coordinate of the vertex of the image of a reflected triangle and select descriptions of relationships between the triangle and its reflection.
98.NS.1.A.2Determine which point on a number line best approximates the location of the square root of a two-digit number.
108.F.2.B.4Solve problems involving finding and interpreting the rate of change, and constructing a function based on a given real-world context.
118.NS.1.A.2Find the range of values for the given square root of a given one-digit whole number.
128.EE.3.C.7Find the value of the unknown variable in a given equation.
138.F.2.B.5Determine which graph represents a function that was described qualitatively.
148.EE.1.A.4Solve a real-world problem that involves performing operations on two numbers expressed in scientific notation.
158.EE.2.B.6Determine the equation of a line and explain how to find the slope and y-intercept.
168.F.1.A.3Determine which equation is linear.
178.G.1.A.4Identify which set of two-dimensional figures illustrates a given sequence of transformations.
188.SP.1.A.2Determine which scatterplot best represents a line of best fit in a real-world context.
198.F.2.B.5Determine which statement best describes a given graph qualitatively.
208.EE.2.B.5Determine and compare two rates of change in a given real-world context.
218.F.1.A.1Determine which ordered pair would make the relationship shown in a table not a function.
228.G.1.A.2Determine the sequence of transformations on a given triangle and select the statement that best describes the congruency between the triangle and its image.
238.F.1.A.2Determine which equation has the same rate of change as a given function that is shown graphically.
248.EE.2.B.5Determine which graph represents a proportional relationship with a given unit rate.
258.G.3.C.9Solve a multi-step real-world problem involving volumes of cylinders and cones.
268.SP.1.A.3Determine which statement describes the slope of a graph in a given real-world context.
278.G.1.A.5Determine which angles must be congruent to a given angle when parallel lines are cut by a transversal.
288.EE.3.C.8Determine which graph shows the solutions to a given system of equations, and explain the possible number of solutions the given line can have.
298.G.1.A.4Determine the sequence of transformations on a given trapezoid, and select a trapezoid that is similar to the transformed trapezoid.
308.G.1.A.1Determine the measure of a given angle after rotation.
318.EE.2.B.6Determine which statement best compares the slopes of three given lines on a coordinate plane.
328.SP.1.A.4Complete a two-way table to solve a real-world problem.
338.G.2.B.8Apply Pythagorean Theorem to determine distance between two vertices of a rectangle shown on a coordinate plane.
348.F.2.B.4Solve multi-step problems involving interpreting a given graph, finding the rate of change, and constructing a function based on a given real-world context.

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