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2021 Item by Item Results for GRADE 06 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 68     Participation Rate = 100.00%

Academy Of the Pacific Rim Charter Public (District) - GRADE 06 MATHEMATICS
16.EE.A.2Determine the value of an expression given the value of a variable.
26.NS.C.7Interpret inequalities using absolute values of integers.
36.NS.B.2Find the quotient of two multi-digit numbers.
46.NS.B.4Find the greatest common factor of two numbers to solve a real-world problem.
56.RP.A.3Solve a ratio problem based on a given real-world context.
66.G.A.3Solve problems on a coordinate plane by plotting points, finding the distance between points, and finding the coordinates of points given the distance between them.
76.NS.C.6Graph a negative decimal on a number line.
86.SP.B.4Create a histogram to represent a given set of data.
96.EE.B.5Determine the value of the variable in an inequality.
106.SP.A.1Identify multiple statistical questions.
116.RP.A.2Solve a unit-rate problem based on a given real-world context.
126.EE.A.4Identify expressions that are equivalent to a given variable expression.
136.NS.A.1Calculate the quotient of two fractions.
146.RP.A.1Solve a real-world problem by interpreting and finding ratios based on a given ratio relationship.
156.EE.B.8Graph on a number line an inequality that represents a constraint in a given real-world context.
166.EE.B.7Determine which equation represents a given real-world context.
176.EE.B.6Determine which expression can be used to represent a real-world context and use it to complete sentences about the context.
186.SP.B.5Determine the median and mean of a set of data.
196.EE.C.9Choose a two-variable equation that best represents a given real-world context.
206.EE.A.1Evaluate numerical expressions involving whole-number exponents.
216.NS.B.3Add and subtract decimals within a real-world context.
226.RP.A.2Determine the unit rate within a real-world context.
236.SP.B.5Calculate the mean of a given set of data.
246.EE.B.7Write and solve equations that model a real-world problem.
256.RP.A.1Identify the ratios that represent the relationships between given quantities.
266.EE.A.3Use the distributive property to generate an equivalent expression within a real-world context.
276.EE.B.8Identify the inequality which represents a constraint within a real-world context.
286.EE.A.3Use the distributive property to determine equivalent expressions given a variable expression.
296.G.A.1Find the area of a right triangle and decompose a polygon into triangles to complete sentences about its area.
306.RP.A.1Determine which statement describes a given ratio relationship in a real-world context.
316.SP.A.2Determine the interquartile range of data displayed in a box plot.
326.EE.A.3Use properties of operations to identify an equivalent equation.
336.RP.A.3Determine the volume of a liquid by using rate and ratio reasoning within a real-world context.
346.SP.A.1Identify multiple statistical questions.
356.NS.C.8Solve problems on a coordinate plane by finding the distance between points, plotting points, and finding the coordinates of a point given its distance from a different point.
366.NS.C.5Determine whether given real-world situations can be best represented by positive or negative numbers.
376.G.A.4Use the net of a square pyramid to find its surface area.
386.RP.A.3Compare unit rates given a ratio in a real-world context involving money.
396.SP.B.5Determine which statements correctly describe data represented in a dot plot.
406.G.A.2Determine the number of cubes with fractional edge lengths that would fit in a given right rectangular prism in a real-world context.

Participation rates varied across schools, districts, and student groups in 2021 more than in prior years. If the participation rate in 2021 was lower than in prior years, results may have been different if more students had taken the test.

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