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2021 Item by Item Results for GRADE 05 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 56     Participation Rate = 100.00%

Academy Of the Pacific Rim Charter Public (District) - GRADE 05 MATHEMATICS
15.NBT.B.7Solve a real-world problem involving addition and multiplication of money.
25.MD.C.4Solve a real-world volume problem by counting unit cubes.
35.NBT.A.1Demonstrate understanding of place value by selecting multi-digit decimal numbers that have a digit that is one-tenth the value of the same digit in a given number.
45.OA.B.3Given the rules for two patterns, determine the first several terms of each pattern and create and graph ordered pairs using corresponding terms of the two patterns.
55.MD.A.1Solve a real-world word problem by converting milliliters to liters.
65.MD.B.2Complete a line plot to display a set of data measurements given as mixed numbers with unlike denominators.
75.NBT.A.4Round a decimal number to the nearest whole number.
85.G.B.4Identify which statement is true about the properties of special quadrilaterals.
95.NBT.B.5Multiply a three-digit whole number by a two-digit whole number.
105.NBT.A.2Identify which power of ten is equivalent to a given whole number.
115.NBT.A.4Round a decimal to the nearest tenth.
125.NF.B.6Write an equation to represent a given problem and multiply fractions and whole numbers to solve real-world problems.
135.MD.C.5Determine which right rectangular prism, shown with side lengths, has the greatest volume.
145.MD.A.1Order measures of weight expressed in different units from least to greatest value.
155.NBT.A.3Select which expressions correctly show a decimal to the thousandths in expanded form.
165.NF.B.5Identify expressions with a product greater than a given factor and write a fraction that can be multiplied by a whole number to get a product less than that whole number.
175.G.A.1Given an ordered pair, select the statement that correctly describes the location of the point represented by the ordered pair in relation to the origin on a coordinate plane.
185.NF.B.4Find the product of a fraction and a whole number.
195.OA.A.1Determine the value of a given expression with parentheses.
205.MD.C.4Find the volume of a figure by counting cubes with given dimensions.
215.G.B.3Determine which triangle meets specified criteria based on the given side lengths of each triangle.
225.OA.A.1Determine which expression with parentheses has an equivalent value if the parentheses are removed.
235.NF.A.1Identify which expression can be used to solve an addition problem by replacing given fractions with equivalent fractions with like denominators.
245.NF.B.5Given several expressions, determine whether the product of each expression is greater than, less than, or equal to the value of a given factor of the expression.
255.NBT.B.7Divide a decimal to hundredths by a whole number.
265.MD.C.5Write an equation to find the volume of a given prism, find the total volume of two prisms placed together, and determine a set of dimensions that will result in a given volume.
275.NF.B.7Create a division equation involving a whole number and a unit fraction where the quotient is the solution to a word problem.
285.NF.A.2Estimate the sum of two fractions that are less than one to solve a word problem.
295.NBT.A.3Match decimal numbers in expanded form with decimals in number form and compare two decimal numbers to thousandths.
305.NBT.B.5Determine the product of two three-digit numbers.
315.OA.A.2Identify the word form of a given numerical expression.
325.NF.B.7Determine the quotient of a whole number divided by a fraction in a real-world context.
335.G.B.4Classify triangles based on angle and side properties.
345.G.A.2Graph three points in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane.
355.NBT.B.6Write an equation to solve a real-world problem, critique another student’s reasoning of the problem, and solve a similar problem using division with whole numbers.
365.NBT.A.1Determine the relationship of the value of a digit in one number compared to the value of that digit in another number.
375.NF.B.6Determine the product of a mixed number and a fraction to solve a real-world problem.
385.G.B.3Identify shapes that have two pairs of opposite angles that are congruent.
395.OA.A.2Select the numerical expression, with parentheses, that represents a given word expression.
405.NF.B.3Determine the fraction that represents a given word problem.

Notes: Students in grades 3-8 took a shorter version of the tests in spring 2021. Item results are not reported if fewer than 10 students in the school or district answered the item.

Participation rates varied across schools, districts, and student groups in 2021 more than in prior years. If the participation rate in 2021 was lower than in prior years, results may have been different if more students had taken the test.

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