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2017 Item by Item Results for GRADE 05 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 30     Mode: Online

Hatfield Elementary - GRADE 05 MATHEMATICS
15.NBT.2.B.6Solve real-world problems involving writing equations, and division of a three-digit whole number and a two-digit whole number.
25.OA.1.A.2Determine which expression represents a given real-world context.
35.G.1.A.1Determine which point represents the location of a given ordered pair on a coordinate plane.
45.MD.2.B.2Solve a real-world problem presented on a line plot by adding fractions.
55.MD.1.A.1Convert meters to centimeters in a real-world context.
65.G.1.A.2Determine which relationship is represented by points that are graphed in a coordinate plane based on a real-world context.
75.OA.2.B.3Determine which number from a pattern corresponds to a number in a second pattern.
85.OA.1.A.1Find the value that is equivalent to a given expression with parentheses.
95.NBT.2.B.5Determine the product of a multiplication problem with a two-digit whole number and a four-digit whole number.
105.NBT.1.A.3aIdentify the numbers or fractions that can be used to complete an equation with a decimal written in expanded form.
115.MD.3.C.5cSolve problems involving finding the volumes of given rectangular prisms in a real-world context.
125.OA.1.A.1Find the value of a given expression with parentheses.
135.NBT.1.A.3Find the least value from a table that includes mixed numbers and decimals.
145.NF.2.B.4bDetermine the area of a rectangle with fractional side lengths.
155.NF.1.A.1Determine the sum of two fractions with unlike denominators.
165.NF.1.A.2Determine whether a student has correctly estimated the sum of two fractions based on benchmark fractions, and choose the best justification for your answer.
175.NF.2.B.4aFind the product of a fraction and a whole number.
185.OA.2.B.3Determine which statement describes two given patterns.
195.G.1.A.2Determine which points on a coordinate plane correspond to given ordered pairs.
205.NF.2.B.5aDetermine which number sentence correctly compares the product of a fraction and a whole number to one of the factors.
215.MD.3.C.5Solve a real-world problem by finding the volumes of rectangular prisms.
225.NBT.1.A.4Given a real-world context, round a given decimal to the nearest tenth.
235.OA.1.A.2Select the expression that represents its written equivalent.
245.NF.2.B.3Given a real-world context, select the two whole numbers between which a fraction lies.
255.NF.2.B.7bDetermine which visual fraction model represents a whole number divided by a unit fraction.
265.NF.2.B.7cDetermine the quotient of a whole number divided by a fraction in a real-world context.
275.G.2.B.3Identify which two-dimensional figures are rectangles.
285.NF.1.A.1Solve real-world problems by determing the sum of mixed numbers and fractions with unlike denominators.
295.OA.1.A.1Find the value of a given expression with parentheses.
305.NBT.1.A.2Determine the quotient of a decimal and a power of ten.
315.MD.3.C.4Find the volume of a figure by counting cubes, and determine the dimensions of a rectangular prism with the same volume in a real-world context.
325.OA.1.A.1Determine the value of a given expression with two sets of parentheses.
335.OA.2.B.3Select the pattern that follows a rule of another given pattern.
345.NBT.2.B.7Determine the sum of two decimals based on a real-world context.
355.NF.2.B.4aFind the product of two fractions based on real-world context.
365.NF.2.B.3Divide whole numbers and determine between which two whole numbers a fraction lies in a real-world context.
375.OA.1.A.2Create an expression that represents a written equivalent using given numbers and operations.
385.NBT.2.B.7Solve real-world problems involving addition, subtraction and multiplication of decimals.
395.NF.1.A.2Determine which fraction would not be a reasonable estimate for the difference of two fractions with unlike denominators.
405.G.1.A.1Determine the y-coordinate of a point graphed on a given coordinate plane.

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