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2022 Item by Item Results for GRADE 04 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 105     Participation Rate = 100.00%

North Street Elementary School - GRADE 04 MATHEMATICS
14.NF.B.3Determine which addition equation involving fractions represents a given real-world context.
24.NBT.B.4Determine which set of student work given for a subtraction problem of a four-digit number minus a three-digit number is correct.
34.G.A.1Identify whether specified line segments and angles can be found in a given figure.
44.NBT.A.1Determine which number has a digit with a value that is 10 times the value of a digit in a given number.
54.NF.C.7Write a comparison of two decimals to hundredths using the symbols >, <, or =.
64.G.A.3Identify the number of lines of symmetry in a given figure.
74.NBT.B.6Write related multiplication equations for given division equations that include a variable.
84.MD.A.3Determine the area of a rectangle given the length and width, determine the width of a rectangle given the area and length, explain how it is possible for two rectangles with different areas to have the same perimeter, and solve a real-world problem involving rectangles with the same perimeter but with different areas.
94.NF.B.4Solve a word problem by multiplying a fraction by a whole number.
104.OA.A.3Solve a multi-step real-world problem using multiplication and division, and by interpreting a remainder.
114.MD.A.1Convert from a larger unit of measure to a smaller unit of measure using minutes and seconds and order measurements given in yards, feet, and inches.
124.NBT.B.5Determine the product of a three-digit number and a one-digit number.
134.MD.C.6Determine the measure of an angle shown with a drawing of a protractor.
144.NF.A.1Determine the denominator that will make a fraction equivalent to a given fraction.
154.OA.C.5Determine the next step in a shape pattern, identify how many shapes will be in future steps, and demonstrate understanding of the relationships between different features of the pattern. 
164.NBT.A.3Round a multi-digit whole number to the nearest thousand, ten thousand, and hundred thousand.
174.NF.C.5Identify two fractions with denominators of 10 and 100 that are equivalent.
184.G.A.2Identify shapes that have at least one pair of parallel sides and at least one pair of perpendicular sides.
194.NF.C.6Identify the fraction that is equivalent to a given decimal.
204.NF.B.4Use a visual fraction model to represent the product of a whole number and a unit fraction.
214.G.A.1Identify all obtuse angles in a given two-dimensional figure.
224.NBT.A.2Convert between numbers written in word form, expanded form, and number form; compare numbers in the different forms using < , >, or =; and critique the reasoning of a given estimate based on place value.
234.NF.B.3Determine the sum of two mixed numbers with like denominators.
244.OA.A.1Interpret a multiplication equation to complete written statements of multiplicative comparison.
254.NF.C.6Plot a point on a zoom number line that represents where a decimal that is equivalent to a given fraction is located.
264.NF.C.5Add fractions with denominators of 10 and 100.
274.NF.A.2Determine if given comparisons between two fractions with unlike denominators are true.
284.MD.C.5Identify which figure has a given angle measure.
294.OA.A.3Solve a real-world problem using division and interpreting a remainder.
304.OA.A.1Write an equation with a variable for the unknown that can be used to solve a given word problem involving multiplicative comparison.
314.NBT.B.4Determine the sum of a five-digit number and a four-digit number.
324.NF.C.7Identify the greatest decimal in a given group; compare decimals to hundredths using <, >, or =; write a decimal that is between two given decimals; and determine which decimal is closest to a given decimal.
334.G.A.3Identify one, two, or three or more lines of symmetry for four different figures.
344.MD.C.7Determine the measure of an unknown angle when given the measurements of two angles and the sum of all three angles.
354.NF.A.2Identify a fraction that will make a comparison statement with another fraction true.
364.OA.B.4Identify composite numbers.
374.OA.A.2Solve a word problem involving multiplicative comparison and create an equation to represent a given multiplicative-comparison word problem.
384.MD.B.4Create a line plot to display a set of data given as fractions with different denominators.
394.MD.A.2Solve a word problem that involves expressing a larger metric unit of measure as a smaller metric unit of measure.
404.G.A.1Identify the mathematical term that describes a given angle.

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