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2017 Item by Item Results for GRADE 03 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 119     Mode: Paper

Narragansett - GRADE 03 MATHEMATICS
13.G.1.A.1Determine which statement is true about a given shape's attributes.
23.NBT.1.A.1Solve problems by rounding three-digit numbers to the nearest 10 and 100, with explanation and justification.
33.MD.2.B.3Determine the solution to a real-world problem presented in a bar graph.
43.OA.2.B.5Determine which expression shows another way to solve a given expression that includes multiplication and addition.
53.NF.1.A.3Determine the greatest fraction for a real-world situation.
63.MD.3.C.6Determine the area of a given figure by counting the unit squares.
73.NF.1.A.3aDetermine which fraction on a number line is equivalent to a given fraction.
83.MD.2.B.4Determine the length of a given object by measuring with a ruler.
93.OA.1.A.3Solve a word problem involving multiplication.
103.G.1.A.2Determine which fraction represents a given real-world problem.
113.OA.1.A.4Determine which whole number will make a given division equation true.
123.MD.1.A.1Identify the point on a number line that represents the solution to a word problem involving subtraction of a given time interval.
133.OA.1.A.3Create two equivalent multiplication expressions based on a real-world problem and justify why they are equivalent.
143.NBT.1.A.2Determine which numbers complete a given subtraction problem.
153.MD.1.A.2Solve a word problem involving addition of volumes that are given in the same units.
163.OA.3.C.7Determine which multiplication or division equation is true.
173.MD.4.D.8Given a shape and its dimensions, determine which shape with different given dimensions has the same area but different perimeter.
183.NBT.1.A.1Determine which number would result when a given whole number is rounded to the nearest hundred.
193.NF.1.A.3Solve problems by comparing fractions and by reasoning about equal fraction amounts of different size wholes.
203.OA.1.A.1Determine which real-world situation can be represented by a given multiplication expression.
213.MD.4.D.8Determine the length of a side of a triangle given the perimeter and the lengths of the other two sides.
223.NF.1.A.3bIdentify two equations that show different equivalent fractions.
233.NF.1.A.2bDetermine which number line shows a point representing the location of a given fraction.
243.G.1.A.1Determine which shape has the same number of angles as a given shape.
253.OA.1.A.4Find the value of an unknown variable in a division equation.
263.NF.1.A.1Determine which shaded figure shows a given fraction in a real-world context.
273.NBT.1.A.2Find the solution to a subtraction problem with 2 three-digit numbers.
283.MD.3.C.7Solve a problem by finding the area of a rectangle and justify why another student's solution is not correct.
293.OA.3.C.7Determine which division expressions have a given quotient.
303.OA.4.D.8Solve real-world problems involving addition, subtraction and multiplication.
313.OA.1.A.1Determine which real-world situation can be represented by a given multiplication expression.
323.G.1.A.2Determine which fraction represents one part of a circle that is divided into a given number of equal parts.
333.OA.3.C.7Identify whether multiplication and division equations are true or false.
343.NBT.1.A.3Find the product to a given multiplication problem with a one-digit whole number and a multiple of 10.
353.OA.4.D.9Determine the next number of a given pattern in a multiplication table.
363.MD.1.A.2Determine the mass by interpreting a scale and solve a one-step word problem with subtraction.
373.NBT.1.A.3Given a real-world situation, determine the product of a one-digit number and a multiple of 10.
383.NF.1.A.3aDetermine which figure with a fractional amount shaded is equivalent to the amount shaded in a given shaded figure.
393.G.1.A.1Determine which pair of polygons have the same number of vertices.
403.OA.1.A.2Determine which expression can be used to solve a division problem with a real-world context.

Notes: State results in grades 4 and 8 ELA and mathematics in 2017 are not generated for paper-based testing because the majority of students participated in computer-based testing.

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