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2018 Item by Item Results for GRADE 03 MATHEMATICS

Number of Students Included: 119     Mode: Paper

UP Academy Holland - GRADE 03 MATHEMATICS
13.NF.A.02Determine the fraction that is plotted on a given number line.
23.OA.A.03Solve a word problem involving division of two whole numbers.
33.NBT.A.01Round a three-digit whole number to the nearest ten.
43.OA.A.04Determine the missing factor in a multiplication equation.
53.NBT.A.02Solve a real-world problem by subtracting two three-digit whole numbers.
63.NF.A.02Determine which point on a given number line represents the location of a given fraction.
73.OA.C.07Use division or a related multiplication fact to solve a word problem.
83.MD.B.03Solve a one-step "how many more" problem using a given bar graph.
93.OA.D.09Find and justify the next number in a given pattern and explain a feature of the pattern.
103.MD.C.07Determine which rectangle has the same area as a rectangle with a given length and width.
113.NF.A.03Determine the fraction that is equivalent to a given fraction model.
123.G.A.01Determine which figure has the attributes of two given shapes.
133.OA.A.03Solve a word problem given the relationship between two given whole number amounts.
143.MD.C.07Determine the equation that can be used to find the area of a figure with a given length and width.
153.NF.A.01Determine the relationships between the number of equal parts and the number of wholes in a word problem.
163.NF.A.03From a given set of fractions, determine the fraction that is not equivalent to the other fractions.
173.OA.A.01Determine how a two-digit product can be expressed as equal groups of equal numbers of objects.
183.MD.B.04Use a ruler to determine the length of a given figure to the nearest fourth of an inch.
193.MD.D.08Determine the length of one rectangle given its width and the fact that it has the same perimeter as a second rectangle that is labeled with its length and width.
203.OA.D.08Determine the most reasonable solution to a word problem involving multiplication of two whole numbers.
213.MD.A.01Identify the time given on an analog clock using a digital clock.
223.OA.D.09Determine the terms of a numerical pattern and identify a feature that all the terms share.
233.OA.B.05Use the distributive property to complete a multiplication equation.
243.NBT.A.01Determine which expression with rounded numbers will give the best estimate when adding two whole numbers.
253.NF.A.02Determine which fraction is represented by the location of a given point on a number line.
263.MD.B.04Interpret a line plot with data in whole numbers and mixed numbers.
273.OA.B.06Determine the multiplication equation that could be used to solve a given division equation.
283.MD.C.05Find the area of a given rectangle made of equal-sized square units and justify whether the areas of two other rectangles are equal or not.
293.OA.A.02Determine which word problem can be solved using a given division expression.
303.OA.D.08Solve a two-step word problem using multiplication and addition.
313.NBT.A.03Solve a word problem by multiplying a one-digit whole number by a two-digit multiple of ten.
323.MD.A.02Estimate the mass of one amount of an item based on a given figure showing the mass for a different amount of the same item.
333.G.A.01Identify the true statement about the mathematical names of a set of given shapes.
343.NBT.A.03Solve a word problem by multiplying a single-digit whole number by a multiple of 10.
353.NBT.A.02Add and subtract two- and three-digit numbers and demonstrate the relationship between addition and subtraction with an equation.
363.NF.A.02Identify the fraction that is plotted on a given number line.
373.G.A.01Identify the number of a specific attribute a given figure has.
383.OA.B.05Identify which expression using the distributive property is equivalent to a given expression.
393.MD.C.06Find the area of a given figure by counting units or multiplying length and width.
403.G.A.02Determine which figure with part of its area shaded represents a given unit fraction.

Notes: State results in grades 3 and 6 are based on students taking that mode and are not representative of the full state population.

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